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  1. Yami's YED Skill Shop

    Works like a charm dude thanks a lot. I was subconsciously capping ID not sure why. It's alright if the skills show up for undesired characters, as long as I'm not able to purchase that will be good enough
  2. Yami's YED Skill Shop

    So I tried using that syntax you said and now I'm getting an error. None of the skills are even showing up. I've also tried replacing actorID with the actual actor number but that didn't work either
  3. Yami's YED Skill Shop

    This is the plugin I'm currently using How do you restrict certain skills to certain players in the shop? I've tried many different script calls but none are readable by Yami's engine.
  4. Skill Shop setting Actor/Skill Type specific skill purchases

    What if they are all in the same party? When I call the conditional it will load the first player's skill shop, but will be accessible to the other players. I want more of each player has their own individual skill list within the shop you can view when you click learn for the specific player.
  5. Skill Shop setting Actor/Skill Type specific skill purchases

    Hi, so I'm using the YED plugin here: When I get to the skill shop, I want skills for purchase only showing up for certain members. For example, I have a white mage. Only my white mage should...

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