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  1. Arin

    Scaling enemies and items

    Hi there. To start off with, the title may confuse some people but this is in regards to weapon scaling. In the project that I am working on, enemies can be scaled to your level and the weapons they drop will be fixed to that level. So say for example a Level 13 enemy will drop gear that can...
  2. Arin

    Even For Eternia [RPG Maker MV]

    "Take one step towards ending the hatred you have accumulated all these years. Take one step forward towards the path of salvation, and let your anger, hatred, and dissonance fade away. ...But not without a price to pay." Welcome to the world of Even For Eternia! This is my first very serious...
  3. Arin

    Fishing Mini-Game. [Simple Request]

    I'm going to make a fishing mini-game in my project. Pretty much as simple as that. However, I don't want to use all of the pre-existing scripts for fishing minigames as they are all too...I guess "extravagant" for what I am looking for. But at the same time, I don't want my fishing system to be...
  4. Arin

    [YEP Equip Battle Skills]: Not showing skills on Level Up When you have more than 8 Skills

    I was playing around with a test file on my game this morning when I realized specific characters that already have the max number of Skills will no longer receive a notification that they learned a new Skill. Here's what I mean. For my project, you are only allowed to Equip up to 8 skills. If...
  5. Arin

    Arin's Let's Play/Try Thread

    After playing around with Camtasia Studio for a bit, I realized that I should actually be doing something worth it. So I came to the conclusion of trying my hand at the infamous Let's Play/Try scene. I'll admit I have never had to do this before, so I'll probably be nervous as hell. But it's...
  6. Arin

    Arin's RTP Music Package

    Over the last few months, I spent time devoted to music so I could pitch and make something worth sharing. However, loss of inspiration plus not enough money for another music program has caused me to throw my hands in the air, shout in frustration, and completely abandon my hopes of kicking off...
  7. Arin

    Puzzle and Eventing Woes

    So, as it turns out, I'm not very good at eventing. I have a puzzle in which you control six different pedestals that control three different colours: Red, Green, and Purple. Each one pedestal controls a combination of two colors. When you touch a pedestal, if one color is already set to "on"...
  8. Arin

    How do I print out an Actor's CRI rate?

    Simple request: I modified line 490 of Game_Battler: item.damage.critical ? user.cri * (1 - cev) + (luk / 0.25) : 0 to be able to work with LUK now, instead of it being mitigated by solely CEV and what you set as an actor's CRI% rating. So now, to test it out, is there a way to print out an...
  9. Arin

    Damaged Sprite for Custom Character

    Hello there, I'm your friendly neighborhood Arin, in need of a small request from the populace. I need a Damaged Sprite of this character: Simple, right? The original sprite belongs to Kaduki at If you need an idea on what a Damaged Sprite is, you can use...
  10. Arin

    About how many "good" "JRPGs" are available for VX/Ace?

    Title says it all. I look back on some of the projects that circle around our forums, on rmrk, on our little sister site,, and of course, on our very own site. A majority of them are small projects though, consisting of only about 3-6 hours of gameplay. In my opinion, 6 hours...
  11. Arin

    Why Does this Page Look So Weird?

    I mean, shouldn't the avatars know.....bigger than that?
  12. Arin

    Evented Battle Bonus

    The topic came about when I was looking through my evented Battle Bonus that I was doing on my project when something came up: It could be fundamentally broken and flawed in design to the point where players can just skim through the game without lifting a finger. See, the whole thing started...
  13. Arin

    The Promised Land

      Hello, and welcome. I'm your friendly neighborhood Arin, and I'm glad you decided to check out my thread. This thread will be housing the next project in Devil's Advocate Gaming, "The Promised Land". This is a revamp of my first ever project in RPG Maker VX Ace, with the same title. Story...
  14. Arin

    ~~Arin's Free, Yep, Totally FREE, Music Resource Shop~~

    Hi there! I'm your friendly neighbourhood Arin the Eloquent, finally deciding to share some of my most wondrous creations with the community. For a while now (tempted to say about two years), I've been composing and writing music, and now I've decided that it would be a good time to show off...

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