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  1. Cryptic


    Unfortunately, after a while of being inactive on the forums, and in game development, I have decided to leave the engine and game development with the engine (rmmv) for a while. I don't know if I will be back, or how long I will be gone for * Edit: Maybe just a month, I've just found my old...
  2. Cryptic

    Multiple tileset categories.. (RMMV)

    So, recently I purchased the "RPG Maker MV - POP! Horror City" DLC on Steam (was on sale btw) and I noticed that this was in the files: Multiple tiles for the same category (e.g there are 2 of the TileB images) however, rpg maker mv doesn't allow me to extend the tilesets, unlike some of the...
  3. Cryptic

    RMMV [RSE] The Fire And The Beast

    The Fire And The Beast: The Fire And The Beast is a demo, this means it is not fully done yet. Well, what does this game offer at the moment? The game, as of right now, has 3 different characters. Peter Daniels (Detective), Jess Black (Warrior) and Sam Ashton (Hero) the warrior and hero don't...

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