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  1. 3D VR technology, and Rpgmaker games.

    Has anyone played with the new VR headsets, like for PlayStation 4, nintendo , etc. They have 3D VR youtube videos of people playing games super mario 64, miku hatsune , super mario galaxy , doki doki literature club, banjo kazooie, etc. Just customize the player controls. 3d models aren't...
  2. Favorite YouTube Channels

    What are your favorite YouTube channels ? Who are your favorite YouTubers ? Also what about channels that do game reviews ? Share here. Mine are Ihazcupcake, the bike, Kizuna A.I., Wolfychu.
  3. Miku Miku Dance program

    Anyone play the Miku hatsune Dance program ? What were some of the videos you created?
  4. BEST WEBSITES, cool interesting things

    Rpgmaker is a great website that a lot more people should know about. What OTHER great WEBSITES Besides rpg maker do you know about, obscure websites especially ?.... What about YouTube channels ? Share...
  5. LUIGI'S MANSION Theories, Beta, Nostalgia

    Who Remembes Luig's Mansion on gamecube , one of the few Nintendo games starring luigi. Did you know there was BETA Version of this game . What are some of your Theories concerning this game ? Who were your favorite ghosts ...

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Effervesce Fallacy™ - PV - C'est La Vie, for the best viewing experience, run the EXE, and adjust the audio via Options. The footsteps sounds are once again, barely audible. :frown: The PV only sounds as intended, if BGM Volume is set to 20%, or 40%, depending on your audio hardware.

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