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  1. ImaginaryVillain

    RMMZ Upgrading MZ's PIXI past 5.25

    Apparently a lot of serious lag and memory holes are fixed after PIXI 5.25, however attempting to upgrade past it yields the following error.... So before I start really getting into this.. Does anybody already have the fix for this particular problem?
  2. ImaginaryVillain

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Today I propose an experiment. For awhile now I've been editing and "improving" Terrax Lighting, which was originally released under the MIT License (as is Community Lighting, so it free to use across the board)... After awhile it is now thousands of lines different than the original. So rather...
  3. ImaginaryVillain

    Converting Terrax Lighting to PIXI5

    So after removing 1200+ lines of WTF code (and the time system I don't use), I have arrived at a version that works perfectly on PIXI4 (even if the script was written for PIXI3, and seriously had a check for PIXI2)... But for PIXI5 it only displays the Player Light Globe, events don't emit light...
  4. ImaginaryVillain

    Upgrading MV to PIXI 5

    Before I jump down this likely very deep rabbit hole, has someone already figured out what needs to be changed in the core files to make this happen?
  5. ImaginaryVillain

    Post your old project screenshots!

    I keep a lot of backups. Occasionally I like to take a trip down memory lane and see how my old stuff looked so that I can better appreciate where I am now. It really helps put something of a perspective on things for me. So in my profile posts I did just that by posting these.... You can see...
  6. ImaginaryVillain

    RMMV And Remember Tomorrow [Surrealistic][Action][RPG]

    Synopsis/Story Gameplay Level/Boss Design Level As for the level design, it's going to feature a lot of things such as not admitting there's a problem, so stuff is very pretty with occasional harsh truths bleeding through but quickly being covered up. It's a lot more steampunk than the...
  7. ImaginaryVillain

    YouTube Sub Trading!

    I've recently picked up YouTube and am building a subscriber base. I didn't see a topic here for it, so I propose a sub for sub subscriber trading thread. Simply post your YouTube channel here, like this... Imaginary Villain's channel ..and then whenever someone wants to trade subs, they just...
  8. ImaginaryVillain

    Instant Map Creator!

    Well I've decided to let people use my instant map creator plugin, entirely free, yep no strings attached. See the video for how to use it and the video description for the link! :LZSwink:
  9. ImaginaryVillain

    BIG UP! ( copyrighting music from here?

    @Touchfuzzy Kes mentioned I should tag you in on this. So I put up a brief game play video last night... ...And for part of the video I used the track BGM_Scene6_Valkirie_FSPC from Future Steam Punk Vol 1 (which I purchased on Steam). Per the EULA it says I need to credit: [Copyright](C)...
  10. ImaginaryVillain

    PIXI locations...

    So I get that if I want a PIXI sprite to be above the tilemap, I can add it to SceneManger._scene. But if I'd like it at the tilemap level where would it go? And where would it go if I want it below the tilemap? edit: Below is.... SceneManager._scene._spriteset._parallax Now I just need to...
  11. ImaginaryVillain

    What exactly happens when a map is loaded?

    In testing a solution for someone in another thread I came upon a funny interaction between Galv Event Spawner and Mog Event Indicators At first I didn't believe they worked together...
  12. ImaginaryVillain

    Switch flips if event variable is in array, but not if the player leaves the map and returns.

    This.... has a lot of moving parts so in the interest of not having a million screenshots, I'll try and restrict it to the "important" stuff. However if you need additional info I'll provide it. There are two plugins at play here.... Yanfly's Self Switches and Variables, and Galv's Event...
  13. ImaginaryVillain

    Galv's Map Projectiles and Terrax Lighting

    So I've been puzzling over this for a bit... I'm trying to make a projectile (be it from the player or an event) emit light as it travels. I'm currently using Galv's Map Projectiles... to cover all of the game's projectiles...
  14. ImaginaryVillain

    Yanfly.SpawnUserInForum(Internet, ImaginaryVillain, Introductions)

    Greetings, I appear to have mixed up my event pages and ended up in other forums before this one. I blame my inability to read documentation without despawning in boredom. Anyway if you haven't guessed, I like events... An unhealthy amount. I'll spawn enough events to create a whole map if you...

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