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  1. cosmickitty

    Pretty Potent Pixels

    I could've sworn I already had a thread here... but I can't find it if I do:  
  2. cosmickitty

    Halloween Tiles

    These are mostly edits of the Castle Interior set of XP.  The freestanding blood may have to be parallaxed on, I didn't really test it as an overlay. Some event sheet edits: Tileset: I may do some more tilesets... I'm not sure, it'll depend on how much time I have this month. Free for...
  3. cosmickitty

    World Maps

    World Maps     I tried to figure out how to make these an actual tileset... but I don't think it's possible without losing the organic look they have so I've decided to do it this way.     I attached both...
  4. cosmickitty

    Character Art

    I haven't done any character art in awhile and I want to get a little practice in while I can.  I don't have time to make a full game's worth of characters for someone and I'm not sure how well my characters will mix with RM standard so I'd suggest keeping it to main character only.  I do mostly...
  5. cosmickitty

    Creative Commons Licenses

    I think this would help out with all the posts asking can I use this for xxxx... sorry if this is already somewhere: The creative commons website has a nifty feature where you input how you would like your asset used and it pops out your license code. Sidenote: for a game you can only use...
  6. cosmickitty

    Husky XP Template and others [CC by 3.0]

    Really wish there was some community thread you could post individual resources, I don't really want to make a whole thread for one template.... but I guess I can come back and add more later when I get around to uploading.   I looked for a fat XP template the other day and couldnt find one, so...
  7. cosmickitty

    Looking to work on a small project

    I'm looking for a small project to work on.  I'd prefer something that isn't planning on having a 5 yr development plan.  I prefer fantasy based games, good story is a MUST and a nice romance is a perk :) When you contact me I need: A brief story description. A paragraph at most, if I'm...

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