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  1. yamakoku

    MV Preorder Music and DLC's

    Alright! URL at specific time: The time is exactly 1:23, but the URL i sent sends you to that time.
  2. yamakoku

    MV Preorder Music and DLC's

    The song i'm looking for is a Chinese one, with Erhu and all. I heard it in Echo607's gameplay of Gaia's Melody HD at Ryuuia village, at part 13 of the series, and she said she got it from a DLC. I LOVED that song and would like to know from which one it is. I would be forever grateful!
  3. yamakoku

    MV Preorder Music and DLC's

    So, when MV was released i didn't even know RPG Maker was a thing, so i obviously didn't preorder it. Can anyone tell me in which DLC did the Preorder Music end up on? I heard a lot of good songs from it, and i really just want to buy the DLC that has them now, since i heard they put the...
  4. yamakoku

    Default XP Resources Needed

    Yeah 26th, thanks. Thank you! That's exactly what i was looking for!
  5. yamakoku

    How Brightness?

    Have you tried looking for a plugin for adjusting brightness? If you did google that and didn't find anything, try searching for a plugin that gives more options on graphics, or in general.
  6. yamakoku

    Default XP Resources Needed

    I went to look at steam to see the price in my country and it said it ended august 6th.
  7. yamakoku

    Default XP Resources Needed

    Alright, great! Also in my country it's not 5 bucks its 9, still cheap and i think i have that in my allowance. Thank's Shaz! I also just found i have 6 days to get RMXP so it's fine. Anyways would you be able to lend me the folder now that stuff is clarified? No rush of course, i'm not...
  8. yamakoku

    Default XP Resources Needed

    I'm not gonna use the whole collage at once. Anyways thank you so much for telling me about RMXP being cheap! But i must ask, would i get in trouble if i would get the assets from the trial version, then buy XP after, then release the game? And also how long will the discount last?
  9. yamakoku

    Your minions? Gru...? Is that you...?

    Your minions? Gru...? Is that you...?
  10. yamakoku

    Default XP Resources Needed

    (Note this is NOT me asking for pirated versions of DLCs, but rather the default resources from XP i don't have since i only have MV and VXAce) I recently found a collage of all the RMXP Tilesets combined that i plan to use on my game, but i could not find one a collage the Sprites and Autotile...
  11. yamakoku

    Character Templates Please!

    I'm making an RM game and it uses the XP characters. However i need the XP character templates. I have already found some. But if you find it please post a link or an image to it. Or tell me how to find them. :kaoblush:
  12. yamakoku

    Is there really no female XP sprite base?

    Hey i know i am 3 years late. But i can't find the body. And also i don't know what GCH stands for. Help? :kaosigh:
  13. yamakoku

    SEARCHING for a plugin Tales of Vesperia Custom Menu System 1.0

    Anyone found it? I think it might be the Monogatari menu.
  14. yamakoku

    Moghunter LMBS Battle System Problems.

    Omg forgot to say yeah i did use the graphics
  15. yamakoku

    Moghunter LMBS Battle System Problems.

    You know what i am gonna clear the plugins. It was messy anyways. :kaophew:
  16. yamakoku

    Moghunter LMBS Battle System Problems.

    Oh wow i didn't see that! Some of them were in the plugin pack moghunter put to download i must have missed it. Well since they are different versions i might as well change to the updated ones!
  17. yamakoku

    Moghunter LMBS Battle System Problems.

    I don't know what that is.
  18. yamakoku

    Requesting some voice talent...

    My microphone is not good for voice acting but i can make creepy unsettling creature sounds.
  19. yamakoku

    [Insert status here] :kaohi:

    [Insert status here] :kaohi:
  20. yamakoku

    Moghunter LMBS Battle System Problems.

    No, i haven't. I might have missed something... But wouldn't it say they can't find it instead of error?

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