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  1. TheWhiteRose000

    Battler Distance

    I am using the SV battlers and After scaling the game to 1080p I am now trying to put the battlers a fair distance apart to make it look better. How do I go about doing this? I am using the default YEP_BattleEngine core for it.  
  2. TheWhiteRose000

    Changing Font

    How do I change the font in RPGmaker MV? I want to set my font to something like this as a example. For the title menu, as well as in the game in general. Pictures would be helpful as I am a visual learner. XD...
  3. TheWhiteRose000

    Script Requests

    Would it be possible for someone to put together the following scripts. Custom Battle HUD (adaptable to MOG's huds designs.) Vlue's Steal Script Khaz's Lighting Script Mog Weather. I know Mode 7 is being worked on at the moment so I am already set for that. If I can get these four scripts...
  4. TheWhiteRose000

    Lighting Script MV

    Does anyone know where to find a Lighting script for MV? Like Khas lighting? I want port my game to MV but I am missing five scripts in total to do it. Mode 7 Khas Lighting Steal script Mog Weather EX Menu customization for battle.
  5. TheWhiteRose000

    Final Fantasy Sprites - Off Limits

    Well I've been working on my commercial game now for a few months and recently. I began to wonder why no one has ever done a game with Final Fantasy themed sprites? So since I am also in game press, reviewing titles ect I wrote to Square Enix. To see if I can use sprites that look visually...
  6. TheWhiteRose000

    MogHunter ATB - Battler Fade Enabled?

    Long story short, I've narrows down my issue to the Moghunter ATB for some reason its enabling the battlers to fade (Galv Animated Battlers) My friend was able to fix the old one but the newer version rectifies a lot of issues I have with other things however the fade is back and I don't know...
  7. TheWhiteRose000

    Mode 7 + Resolution change issue.

    I have a current issue that is Mode 7 related with resolution changes. When I use a higher resolution from a streached screen mode 7 begins to have issues rendering Neon Blacks anti-lag script helps fix a lot of the issue and I've fiddled with it to to remove even more but I cannot get it just...
  8. TheWhiteRose000

    Airship Request!

    I was wondering if someone could help me in designing a airship for RPG maker VX-Ace in the design of Ragnarock from Final Fantasy 8. Attached is my sprite set to give you a idea of angles I need and before you ask It was modeled after the Final Fantasy 6 Setzer Airship that my friend...
  9. TheWhiteRose000

    MogHunter_ATB Edits!

    I am using the Battle-EX Hud Lightning and I am not using TP instead I asked my friend to change the TP Bar to a ATB bar. which he was able to do but the ATB bar fills up almost instanly (only in appearance) and I need it to fill up at the proper rate. I don't like the Schala_ATB_Gauge but it...
  10. TheWhiteRose000

    Victory Scripts - FF_Log (having issues working together.)

    If anyone can help I want to get victor scripts enabled which I have flawlessly but I keep getting a error message at line 6863 After trial and error I have discovered that the script causing the issue is my Final Fantasy Log would someone tell me whats wrong exactly that I need to fix? The...
  11. TheWhiteRose000

    ATB Edits.

    I need a hand with a edit that I can't seem to figure out script wise. I am trying to enable combat log with Atelierrgss MOG_ATB 1.3 The reason being is I want to enable the Final Fantasy BattleLog...
  12. TheWhiteRose000

    Removing Combat Defaults

    Hey everyone. This is my problem I want to remove the automatic Fight & Escape bit at the start of battle and the Excecute after selecting a move as I am trying to set it up to be as close as possible to a Final Fantasy combat system I tried editing the main files and got no where so does...
  13. TheWhiteRose000

    Generic Fantasy V

    I want feedback regarding my entry. If all of you are willing to give it that is. In a land far away which you probably haven't heard of because it's too mainstream. Lives the heroes Rose and Gelly whom you also probably haven't...

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