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  1. GhostWaffle

    Neo Questeria (Minor Update: Battle Pics)

                                                             It is the year 500DD. Mankind has come back from near extinction against a full scale war with well, nothing else than demons. People are settled, life is good, and things are fine blah blah blah. You get the point. But certain people...
  2. GhostWaffle

    Horror or Scary Tilsets

    I wanted to know if someone has some tilesets for horror games something like blood patches on walls or scratches Thank you :)  
  3. GhostWaffle

    Items which cast random effect upon user

    I want to know if it is somehow possible to make items which actually activate a random buff upon its user Thank you very much
  4. GhostWaffle

    Seperate part members during event sequences

    I wanted to know if party members can be separated during events.Like my char starts an event by interacting with a stone and i want the part members to separate from him and move to his side but only during that event then after that just like the gather followers command they move back into...

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