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  1. yamina-chan

    Lani's Locks and Keys

    Heh. I wonder what could have given you that idea. ;) What I love most about this really is the fact that you went out of your way to provide multible diffrent systems all at once =D That work with each other or seperately, if a player only needs one. It's very convinient ^^
  2. yamina-chan

    Love Mapping Contest

    I've not had the time to do much in the maker as of late (and a broken PC doesn't quite help either), but this sounds like a fun challenge =) If I can get my things back up and running before the deadline I'll be sure to participate. ^^ I've got two questions: - Where should we post the...
  3. yamina-chan

    RPG Maker 2003 - Now Available

    What's with the increase of people wanting to sell thier games, recently? XD' I mean, it's always nice that that's an option, especially if there is a lot of (custom) work put into a project. And it's not like this is a new thing either, but still. There seem to be way more people working on...
  4. yamina-chan

    Looping A World Map

    Scripts are a way of looping a worldmap, yes. But they are not needed. It is quite possible to do this with events. One Paralell Process that constantly checks for the Players X and Y coordinates, and a second one that runs four conditional branches checking if the Player X / Player Y is...
  5. yamina-chan

    RPG Maker 2003 - Now Available

    After this was initially brought up it had become quiet arround this topic again, leaving people to wonder... It's great to see that this project has been worked on and is now officially here =D Which one of the RTP characters is your favorite and why? If it's from any of the RTPs, then that...
  6. yamina-chan

    Amazing Avys Awesome ArrrPG-Maker-Stuff

    Not sure why it surprised me to see you here Avery, but it did XD It's kind of you to share your work with the english speaking Maker scene as well. (Ich werde dich dennoch weiterhin im Stutio im Auge behalten Xb)
  7. yamina-chan

    PK8 =D I thought I would see familiar people here. I didn't think it would be so fast after...

    PK8 =D I thought I would see familiar people here. I didn't think it would be so fast after signing on however XD And I belive you're acutally the first person who called me yami, despite havin that name for about six years now *laughs*

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