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  1. What do you think of this song I wrote?

    Hi! This is just lyrics. I have yet to compose music for it. Thanks! Your name I: The start of another play The script written by our choices In the end we have the final say Worth our struggle throughout the day Should I give you a gentle kiss While slowly wrapping you with my arms Let's...
  2. Some Questions

    Hello peeps! I am having some issues with MV. 1. How do you get the animation at the same speed as VX Ace's? I noticed that it is a bit slower and there is a lag when my character moves? 2. Dungeon generator is not generating anything. Whenever I try to generate some dungeons, it shows blank...
  3. Tileset E (the Ice Temple bonus)

    Hi! The Ice Temple tileset bonus is not appearing complete in the editor. Here's a screenshot.
  4. My first lyrics!

    Hello guys! While I was listening to one of my favorite songs (a darkish one), I suddenly got the thought of opening notepad and started typing, I kind of finished this a few minutes before I started this post. I was planning to add some instruments and vocals later on (after I am alone in the...
  5. Learning to make own resources

    Hi! I plan to make games once MV is released (obviously :P ) and I want to learn how to make my own resources (music, spritesets, portraits, and facesets, maybe backgrounds). Where do I start? I have some background on drawing if that helps, I used to draw manga-style. Also, what programs...
  6. Flashback on a Battle

    Hello! I haven't seen this in any of the RPG Maker games that I played. So my question is, is it possible to insert a flashback during a battle (without restarting it or ending then starting it again)? For example, the main character is an amnesiac guy who can't remember anything besides the...
  7. Fire Emblem:Awakening Pairing help

    Hi! I would like some help in getting my couples set up in FA, but I'm having a hard time. The ones that I have right now is: MU and Lucina Olivia and the father of Lucina Ricken and Lissa The hex user and Donnel (the village) And maybe Gregor and the female Mage Sorry, I forgot some of...
  8. Greetings...

    I am Lt. Ulquiorra, the Devil's Advocate. I have used VX Ace in the past (I must admit, I just downloaded it from some site). I am trying to fix that mistake by preordering MV! anyways, nice to meet you. Though I was some stoic and silent lovable, ain't ya? well, I'm not that far from that. I...
  9. RPG Maker MV preorder problem

    Hello! I don't know if this is the right place on the forum and I tried searching on the whole forum, so I'm posting it here (it's the closest place I can get). I tried to preorder RPGMaker MV and I got it through until the payment page. I input my only card (a VISA) and I got a "Payment could...

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