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  1. Grim

    XP and VX Console Output

    VX & XP Console Output (like RMVXAce) V 1 Grim ( Introduction The script build a console like RPG Maker VX Ace to show information Features - XP and VX compatibilities - console.log(Object) or Console.log(Object) or "p Object" to display Information -...
  2. Grim

    The Event Extender

    Summary Event-making is a thankless discipline because it often requires a lot of patience to do things that can be very easy to conceive (I'm thinking of gauges, for example). The purpose of this script is to offer some easy-to-use commands in order to help the making of event-based systems...

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Wife watching Locke and Key. This show is so bad!! You can't just acclimate to discovering magic or magical worlds in less than 60 seconds.
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