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  1. bustedradio

    how to show picture in front of message box?

    hello, i'm sorry this is kind of a dumb question. how do i show pictures in front of message boxes? i tried using Galv's message busts along with Yanfly's message core, but the bust's position is locked to the size of the message, causing some problems. so i decided to use pictures instead, but...
  2. bustedradio

    Too much usless dialouge?

    Edit : New question : what would be considered good observational text or how should it be handled to enrich the player's experience? Like whenever your character is observing an object or a scene they can't interact with, like two people having an argument at a fruit stand.
  3. bustedradio

    Prerendered Maps

    I hope this is the correct forum for this. I've noticed lately that I mostly created maps in photoshop and then just placed them into MV, rather than building them in MV itself. I am using custom tiles, so I think that's mainly the reason why I've been making maps in photoshop, because I...
  4. bustedradio

    Sprite Issue

    Hello! I have a problem with my sprites. The player's sprite is the default size (48x48), however, I have an NPC who has a slightly taller sprite (48x55). For some reason, they both don't align correctly with the tileset. Both characters are a couple pixels higher than they should be. Here's...
  5. bustedradio

    Is it possible to change the PC's sprite midgame?

    Title. I would like to change the PC's sprite to reflect their change in clothes. I was wondering if this can be done through events or will it need a JS plugin? Thank you.
  6. bustedradio

    dumb question, how to put portraits on the right?

    hi, i was wonder how to put the actor faces on the right side instead of it defaulting to the left. thank you in advance!
  7. bustedradio

    What's your game development process?

    I hope this is the right forum for this topic, haha. Well, I am very new to game development. I have dabbled with VX Ace in the past, learning the ropes, and making small  10-15 minute projects(I hesitate to call them games)  just to see what I could do...
  8. bustedradio

    VX Style Choices

    Hello, a while ago, TheoAllen created this lovely script to turn VX Ace's choice style back to the VX style. I was wondering if it's possible to make a plugin to replicate this script? Thank you.
  9. bustedradio

    Is there a way to make the dialogue box smaller?

    Hello,  I was wondering if it's possible to make the dialogue box smaller height wise? Thank you.

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