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  1. Eilwyn

    Need help with wide character sprite

    Hi All, So, I have a custom menu created using events that is a map all on its own. I'm trying to create a character to act as a cursor box for my menu. A snippet of what I'm trying to accomplish is this: Each node on the menu fits evenly into a space that equals 1 tile high and 2 tiles...
  2. Eilwyn

    Take Screenshot For Background

    Hi All, For my game, I'm making a custom menu made with events. To accomplish this, when the player presses the ESC button, the game will gather their MAPID and coordinates then transfer them to another map but without a fade effect... this map will be the menu. I want it to appear as if the...
  3. Eilwyn

    Damage formula and Skill creation help?

    Hi All, I've looked over several of the threads already that deal with Damage Formulas and Skill Creation but, I'm not finding a clear enough answer for what I'd like, so I'm hoping I might find some help here. To start, my game is going to use the basic 8 stats that come default with RMMV...
  4. Eilwyn

    Yanfly Message Core "Align Text" Issue

    Hey all, Never mind, I don't need the help anymore. I didn't figure it out, however I just stumbled upon Yanfly's "Extended Message Pack 1" plugin and that did what I needed. Thanks anyway! :)
  5. Eilwyn

    How to load and place a picture?

    Hi all, I have some images in a new folder I created in an original folder, each one with the exact name of an actor. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong in loading and placing the images and was wondering if someone might be able to tell me the proper way to do it? This is what I'm added...
  6. Eilwyn

    Another issue (X coordinate not working)

    Hi All, Any reason why in the following code:, 299, 546, 919, 144); With the above code, my understanding is the numbers in order go: X coordinate you want the window to show at Y coordinate you want the window to show at Width you want the...
  7. Eilwyn

    Hide Window_BattleActor?

    Hi All, I was wondering if there was a way to hide the "Window_BattleActor" window in battle in the rpg_window.js script file, while still allowing it to work despite not seeing the window. (IE: I've hidden the "Window_BattleEnemy" window in battle within the same rpg_windows.js file but...
  8. Eilwyn

    Window_BattleEnemy x position problem

    Hi All, So, for segments of my battle system, I've been altering some parts of the rpg_windows.js file. I managed to alter the Window_BattleSkill & Window_BattleItem parts perfectly, but I've run into a problem altering the Window_BattleEnemy. So there is the following section...
  9. Eilwyn

    Alter size and location of: Window_BattleSkill, Window_BattleEnemy & Window_BattleItem ?

    Hi all, I'm working on a battle system for my game and have managed to successfully change the size and locations of the windows: Window_PartyCommand Window_ActorCommand Window_BattleStatus Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a plugin that will allow me to alter windows: Window_BattleSkill...
  10. Eilwyn

    Default Battle System on Map instead of another screen?

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew of or could providing me with a way of making the Battle System to open up on the map the player runs into the encounter on? When the player runs into an encounter on the map, the game opens the Battle Scene like normal, but instead transferring to a...
  11. Eilwyn

    Checking Region ID of a picture?

    Hi All, I need help checking the Region ID of an item I have created using Pictures and Events. Basically, I've created a fully functional Boomerang within a Common Event that activates whenever the player presses the appropriate button. The event goes: 1. Check Player X and Y position on...
  12. Eilwyn

    Adding a Radar Chart to Yanfly Status Menu Core

    Hi all,  I was wondering if someone could help me with a script that could replace the bar chart for Parameters in Yanfly's Status Menu Core plugin to make it into a Radar Chart which I find more appealing. Attached is an example of what I mean.  This particular example is from Pokemon, but...
  13. Eilwyn

    YEP_BattleStatusWindow, Face and HP Text Position Help?

    Hi All, I just started using "Yanfly's Battle Status" Window plugin and I have it mostly customized the way I want, but... I want to know if someone can assist me in having the face graphics moved to the center of the Actor Status window, preferably with the bottom of the face graphic...
  14. Eilwyn

    Save and Use Screenshot?

    Hi All, I'm working on making a custom menu with events and, I was wondering if someone could either guide me to one I may of missed in my searching, or help create a plugin for me that does the following: When the player is outside of battle and presses the button I assign, the game takes...
  15. Eilwyn

    Waterfall tile(s) Compatible with Time Fantasy Tilset

    Hi All, I've just switched my game over to the "Time Fantasy" set of tiles that can be found for sale from the official store. Problem is, unless I'm missing something, I cannot locate any waterfall tiles.... examples of the tiles can be...
  16. Eilwyn

    Add to party via Variables

    Hi All, How do I add Actors to the party based on the ACTOR ID's stored in Variables 7, 8 & 9? I have:   $gameParty.addActor($gameVariables[7]); $gameParty.addActor($gameVariables[8]); $gameParty.addActor($gameVariables[9]); but it won't work... granted, barely know anything...
  17. Eilwyn

    Black Bars Issue

    Hi All, So I have an issue that I believe has been asked several times, but through my searches, I can't seem to find a solution that works for me. I have my game's resolution set at 1248x720 which divided by 48, allows me to show 26x15 tiles on the screen at once. The issue I'm having...
  18. Eilwyn

    Resolution, Battle Background and Picture Issues

    Hi all, So, I'm suddenly in a bind with my game.  The problems I'm having revolve around my screen resolution. Here are some some bits of information to help show where I'm at and what the problems themselves actually are: 1. I've used the Yanfly Core Plugin to change my resolution to...
  19. Eilwyn

    Map Edge Movement

    Hi All, I'm in need of some help and I'm thinking I might need a plugin for it and I don't know the scripting language unfortunately. I'm using a plugin ( that allows the screen to scroll...
  20. Eilwyn

    Picture instead of Window

    Hi all, I'm trying to edit the battle system and I want to 'draw' one of my images where the windows are, while keeping the message box and text transparent (so that I can still use the cursor). How would I go about doing this? I'm rather new at this as the last time I touched on JavaScript...

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