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  1. Help with event not loading

    Thanks for all the help! So I tried This helped so the start event doesn't start over and over, but now it just plays the name page over and over. When I tried to do a self switch to a blank page it just does nothing and can't continue on. They are all on the same map, just a few spaces...
  2. Help with event not loading

    Hello all! I am making a visual novel in RPGMV (I know, I know there are so many better programs for this but I am not changing now) My events were working just fine, but I must have erased something because all of the sudden its not running anymore. The same intro event is playing over and...
  3. Charater Selection Won't Work

    Oof yeah you are right it is. I was doing it that way simply for aesthetic purposes. I switched it up to be much simpler with a choice like you suggested and it seems to be working! Although I cant for the life of my figure out what I hosed up to make the first one not work anymore Thanks for...
  4. Charater Selection Won't Work

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting here. I hope its in the right place. I have a character selection screen set up and it was working fine, but I must have done something wrong cause I cannot select the girl character but I can the boy. I can toggle them just fine but when I try to...

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