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  1. Is there a way to add DLC content to events ?

    Hello, as title say. For example when I'm entering the thingy where you choose characters (also flames, elements, crystals, symbols etc) there is also one default tiles of loot such as weapons, potions and diamonds. Now I have some more of this from DLC but when I'm importing it to the folder...
  2. Common event not wroking

    ok i think i figured it out, but now im trying to make a battle and only see the enemy in front of me, are there any default battle systems ? 
  3. Common event not wroking

    Im trying to make the map at night, but when im doing common event --> tint screen --> night ---> time "1 sec" ---> tried both with V on and V off and nothing happens. What could go wrong ?
  4. To the moon

    Thank you all! But do I really need a script to lock it ? It is the only way ?
  5. To the moon

    I heard couple of times he word parallax on mapping I think. But have no Idea what is it and how to use it. Btw this game very recommended :)
  6. To the moon

    I've played this game and it's amazing. Couldn't really believe this kind of stuff can be made with rpg maker (and it was XP I heard). As I'm new to this software I got really inspired and kind of wondering on few things. How did he changed the look of mouse when pointing at things (such as...
  7. Lighting torch and night

    Hello! How go I make a night in game and make torches ? Prefer without scripts. Thanks a lot!
  8. Loot and few questions about tiles

    Thanks a lot for help! But in the video he doesn't explain or give any link how he did that. It was during a gameplay about something else but this is really cool thing to do because my game will be much on loot. Any idea how to do it ? (with no scripts ?)About the tiles, I've been messing...
  9. Loot and few questions about tiles

    Hello there! I've been starting to work on a game and on video I've watched someone clicked on chest and the chest opened with item jumping out of it. Just wonder who he did all of that ? It is possible to make animated loot from other stuff like barrels and boxes ? Something with tiles get me...
  10. Using scripts

    Don't know what Zelda is :) I meant more like diablo. I see now, yes I'm a beginner in rpg maker and in videos I saw people using scripts for many features. If really most of the scripts can be done with events I will try to avoid it as long as possible. But if you don't mind me ask, on...
  11. Using scripts

    Thank you for this help! I really hope I won't need scripts to make a good game. But something that I thought about, it is possible to make real time combat instead of turn based ? It is exist in rpg maker ?
  12. Using scripts

    Yea of course! I see here amazing community to help. But how I can make a truly good game without scripting ? I mean, it's add so much to the game. For example how can I make a torch light in night without a script ? How can I make a night or better battle systems without scripting ?
  13. Using scripts

    So what you guys suggesting I should better just use a script and give a credit ? I don't know. The thing of start looking for the scripter for using his script seems alittle complicating the whole developing. I wish I could learn this easily.. I just want to know enought for scripting in rpg...
  14. Using scripts

    It is that hard to learn scripting ? What is the best tutorials to start with ?
  15. Using scripts

    Hello there! Im new to rpg maker and really want to start working on project but something is alittle bugging me. On many tutorials I've watched people using scripts to make amazing things. If I'm using a scripts, what kind of credits should I give ? I have to make contact with the person who...
  16. Few questions about playtest and GIMP

    Thanks for help :) but what I've meant is when someone click on playtest he sees all the game in the playtest without fullscreen, is there a way to do that ? and about copy the pic from RPG to GIMP, it is really works that way ? and possible to add anything I want ?
  17. Few questions about playtest and GIMP

    Hey there! im new to RPG Maker VX Ace and GIMP. But sometimes even the best tutorials cant explain simple issues i've been stuck on.  I've notice on some videos that there is an option to resize the playtest screen (no resolution, size) and can actually see the whole game on the screen (no...

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