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  1. Tohisu

    [help] Persistent name

    Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to make a name "persistent" through the saves of the game. By "persistent", I mean a name would remain even if you load a previous save. Example : You save the game. Then you name a character "Joe" thourgh this command : Then you load the save...
  2. Tohisu

    [RPG Maker MV] Plugin to switch the character below/above the current one with a command. (on map)

    Hello, I was looking for a plugin which would allow me to switch the character above or below in the charsheet just with a plugin command. Example : This plugin would provide one command for the below character, and another one for the above character. I didn't find such plugin on the...
  3. Tohisu

    [RPG Maker MV] Dragonbones integration plugin

    Hello everyone. I recently installed the Yanfly / TheGreenKel plugin for the integration of dragonbones animation. The plugin mostly works on my game : except for any dragonbones animation I create myself. I manage to make work : _ Dragonbones animation from Ekashic (as shown on the picture) _...
  4. Tohisu

    [RPG Maker MV]Software stops running when I select an environment

    Hello, I've been using this software for more than thousand hours, and I thought it was finally the time to upgrade my project a little bit. (Entirely custom all the graphics for example) I usually use way bigger chars / tilesets than what was planned by the software (48x48 pixels) Here is an...
  5. Tohisu

    Opinion regarding ATB battle system

    Hello everyone. I'm heading to create a commercial project. I have a lot of ideas but still have hesitations regarding the fighting system. This is what looks like the fight mechanic of my previous game : It's an ATB system. Note that you have, first to charge your "action bar". When...
  6. Tohisu

    RPG Maker MV : huge save problem.

    Hello. I encounter a huge problem with the save system in RPG Maker MV (and I'm apparently not the only one.) : Depending of the place you are, the save system will totally bug. More precisions in this video : (Sorry, my english is far to be perfect, I hope you'll...
  7. Tohisu

    Change Actor Collapse SE with an event

    HI, I would like to know if it's possible to change the Actor Collapse SE (usually set in System) with an event, or a command, or whatever. Thx!
  8. Tohisu

    [Battle System – Active Turn Battle : Yanfly] More fonctions

    Hi. I would like to find some particular fonctions for this plugin (And I'm apparently not the only one.) There is a lot of note tags in this plugin, but i really would like to find some notes tag on skill which will apply a buff/debuff on the % of speed on the second gauge  (the charge...

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