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  1. Looking for Templates for RPG Maker MV

    I've been trying to get some custom sprites made. 32x32 but i don't have a template with a transparent background, id' also love a full sheet if possible. does anyone know where to find/how to make one? so that itll fit in nicely with the software right away. I'm having other artists make me...
  2. Having an error coming up.

    typeerror cannot read property displayname of null anyone know how to fix this error? i'm guessing it has to do with one of my plugins. it only happens when i click options from the main menu, but the options work fine while in-game. i appreciate any help!
  3. Placing object anywhere.

    I've been testing with an event for a while, trying to get it to locate my player x and y location and then summon under me, but it only works out in one map because the event has to be created over in every map, its so annoying, so i was wondering if anyone know a better way of doing it? Thanks...
  4. something i really want to make

    So i've been thinking about the current system i have in place for looting containers like bookshelves etc, usually its something similar to this. the common event is simply a search timer. here's what it comes out looking like, the thing i would perfer though, would be a window where i could...
  5. Need help with sink event.

    here is what i've made so far with some help, but it doesn't work, i was wondering if anyone could tell me what i've done wrong. my goal is to get it to fill empty vials with water vials, and if it goes over 99, it will stop without removing all the empty vials you have. currently it doesn't...
  6. Rpg maker MV event, item, any amount.

    I want to make an event where it checks the inventory of how many items i have of one type, in this case empty vials, to then trade them for filled water vials, and making it so that it gives back the same amount of water vials, but making this work for however many items you have... anyone...
  7. I opened my program today and this happened (RPGmakerMV)

    I'm using the yanfly doodads plugin, and havent had any issues with it before, but there was a new update to rpg maker mv i think? or something. so now i get this error when trying to playtest my game: please help.
  8. Image display on screen until button(s) are pushed.

    I want to make it so that its detected which buttons you move with and so that the image of arrowkeys or wasd keys don't get removed until the player moves/uses them, for my tutorial. any ideas on how to set up an event like that? Also I want it to depend on if the player is using wasd or...
  9. Elemental weakness or buffs to monsters.

    How do i add weaknesses/buffs to monsters? and how does element rate work? if a monster is 60& dark element and 80% fire, does that mean it will take 20% of the fire attacks damage, etc? i noticed i couldnt add a debuff element rate, so curious how that works out... i want to give a specific...
  10. Adding image to map

    I want to add an image to the map, in this case it being arrowkeys to show how the character moves, the issue is that by doing the show picture, it moves with the screen instead of staying put. i'm trying to add this into my tutorial so it can show people how to move their character.
  11. fishing level gains based on fish caught

    I'm trying to make my character lvl up his fishing based on what you catch, i want it to have a percentage or a 1 in 10 (or something) chance or something to level up the fishing after catching a fish. the problem im having is that i can't figure out how to set it up. ive made the variable...
  12. need to make collectible item system

    basically what i need is to be able to count the amount of x item in my inventory, and then show that in text when collecting a new item. this is what i have so far. im sure i can figure it out with a bit of work and tinkering, but id love a reply if anyone has time off their day to send me a reply.

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