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  1. Power Master

    Javascript update issue

    So, I go to playtest my game and it tells me the JavaScript files need to be updated. I then get this message upon trying to playtest now (see image). How do I fix this? And what did this update actually do, because it certainly isn't helpful.
  2. Power Master

    Party-Based Graphics Script

    I'm trying to gather up scripts to use for my next game. Since I have yet to post anything about it here, you can learn more on this page. One script eludes me, and it's one that was very useful in my last game. For RPG Maker VX Ace, the script was called "Party-Based Graphics". The script...
  3. Power Master

    Can I get a new product key?

    I recently went through a computer wipe and, while I still have the RPG Maker VX Ace program (I backed it up), it's no longer activated. Is there any way I can get a new product key or would I have to pay for it again?
  4. Power Master

    One RPG Maker on Multiple Systems

    We'll looking to buy MV due to the humble bundle sale going on, but we're also wondering if we can put the one system onto multiple computers. Almost each member of my family has a computer and we would each like our own version. (I know, we're picky, shush) Would it be possible to put the...
  5. Power Master

    Can't find life-counter script

    I was thinking of having my game use a "life counter" instead of a health bar. You know, you get hit and your counter goes down by 1 or whatever. (A good example of what I want since I'm terrible with words.) I kept looking for a script that adds this into the game, but I can't find one...
  6. Power Master

    Can't quite figure out window transparency

    I'm trying to find the value(s) that determine the text box's transparency or opacity, but I can't find it. The text box I created for the game is dark so the white text will show up (I'm also trying to figure out font styles...), but the opacity makes the box so light that you can barely read...
  7. Power Master

    What systems are compatible?

    I'm trying to find a system for my game to be playable on, such as Nintendo eShop or PSN. However, I've been told that VXAce may not be compatible with certain systems. Can someone give or show me a list of what systems are compatible with the RPG Maker VX Ace engine?
  8. Power Master

    So... what's with the walls?

    I don't think the walls are living up to their name. If I try to push against them from above or the sides, they do their job. But if I push up from below them, I can walk on them. I'm sure this gives some good game-play features in some games, but I don't want it in mine. I had this problem...
  9. Power Master

    How to go about selling my game

    99% of my game uses RPGMaker assets: tilesets, character sprites, and music. I was thinking about making and releasing my game as a physical copy, but I want to get paid for it, as well as cover the costs. Thing is, I want to know if it's alright to do so. Would Enterbrain and the RPGMaker staff...
  10. Power Master

    How to get the options menu in a different position on screen

    I adjusted the Options List script in VX Ace so it would appear in the middle of the screen rather than the right by combining the Title Screen Choices (which appear in the center of the screen) with the standard choices. I did this so it wouldn't conflict with the Yanfly "Improved Messages"...
  11. Power Master

    Recoil Damage Possible?

    This is something I wanted to implement into my first game, but I didn't know how. I still don't know how, so I was wondering if someone could help me with this... I need help making two sets of "recoil damage" properties. One for a weapon and one for armor. For the weapon, once the user...
  12. Power Master

    "A" Custom Tileset not working

    Testing some things out with custom tilesets and, apparently, anything in the "A" category doesn't appear to be working correctly. I set the tile to X so the player can't cross it, but it doesn't so anything. B, C, D, and E all work fine, but the entire A section of the custom tilesets aren't...
  13. Power Master

    Need immediate support for bug

    I finally released my game, just to find that it can't render the overworld due to a coding bug. This pops up every time you try to leave town. It's failing to create the bitmap, which it didn't have a problem with until now. The event transfers the player to the main overworld, which is...
  14. Power Master

    Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

    Download link Download the full game here! Synopsis Begin the adventure of a new journey. Take control of your party and save the world as it is once again under attack from the revived wizard, Exitilus. His goal: Obtain all 26 of the wish-granting Gems that reside in the land of Moneo...
  15. Power Master

    Battlers Graphic Change

    Using the Side-View Battle graphics script by Fomar0153, it's possible to get sprites of the player to show up during battle. I've messed around with this for my first game (which I'll release this Friday) and made it so headshots of the actors appear along the bottom of the battle screen; just...
  16. Power Master

    Is RPG Maker 3D possible?

    Title. I know this is something a lot of people (myself included) would like. I picture it running basically the same as the engines have before, just in the obvious 3D setting. I also know that it would take a LOT of work to get done, seeing as it is harder to program polygonal graphics than it...
  17. Power Master

    Desperate Final Call for Sprite Help! (Nulled)

    My game is nearing completion as all I have left are the sprites. My brother has been drawing them for a long time now (since June, I think), but has now hit a slump and is too focused on his own work to continue. So for one final time, I am asking for help. Conditions: This is a freely made...
  18. Power Master

    How can I remove the MP gauge?

    My game does not use the MP meter/gauge/whatever. I've been trying to find a way to delete it in the main scripts, but I can't. Is there a way to remove them? What's lines in the Script Editor should I remove/change? It'll be quite odd seeing a meter constantly at zero throughout the game and I...
  19. Power Master

    Difference between PC, MAC, and Mobile

    My game demo is currently only playable on PC, but I've had people ask if it'll run on MACs or Mobile as well. The site it's up at,, does allow me the options, but I'm worried that it may not work properly. Is there a difference between playing it on the different systems? Do I have to...
  20. Power Master

    Warp Transfer Terrain Tag Script

    In the desert area of my game, if the player steps off the path, they will be transferred back to the start of the path and have to start again. I did this using simple "Transfer Player" event tiles, but now there are so many of them that the game lags considerably. It didn't used to be a...

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