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  1. Sylvor

    LoM: Amulet of Lenisvan

    So I had some free time and a workbench available. I have had this design in my head for quite some time, but since I'm not all that good with manual labour, the result is not completly what I wanted. However, this should give a decent idea of how I view it. As for the symbol on the back...
  2. Sylvor

    Basic storyline for a game, would like some feedback.

    So I'm busy working on a demo for a game, but I'm not too sure wether the storyline will be liked by others. So here's a quick rundown of it. Please do leave some critique! Storyline: You are the founder of the Xivanthian Empire, a nation spanning around 1/4 of the world. They are on the...
  3. Sylvor

    Hello world!

    Hello everyone! My name is Sylvor and I've just recently acquired RPGMaker VX Ace, and am hoping to use it as a medium for my stories. Since my youth I have had 3 great passions: games, stories and music. At the age of eight, I started playing guitar. I learned the instrument for eight years...

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hi, i was looking thru ur awesome stuff, and was looking around the internet, how in the heckin heck do i get the hiddendoors to open? im addng them to the doors event but they just appear as solid walls, btw am total noob lol

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