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  1. Artille

    [Solved] Scrolling test gone wrong

    Hello, I'm testing some scrolling experience, and I'm having an issue with the utter basics that is the velocity X. I know the principals of using Velocity X and Y to move an object (or image) through eventing, however I seem to have an issue and I can't lay my finger on it. So I thought the...
  2. Artille

    RMMZ Custom Battle System

    Hello everyone, As I'm finally going for my first game (Cupidi Arx), I was thinking to chose between the original/classic battle system from the engine itself or try and make one myself. Turns out, I'm not a good scripter, so the challenge was to use events and common events only. I made it...
  3. Artille

    Problem during fight (ennemy idle) [Solved]

    I created a post earlier, but removed it because I thought it was fixed... But it's not. :( I don't really understand what's happening. The way I set up my ennemy pattern is like this : (Attack and Slam are twice, because I tried to set up per HP trench, as this wasn't working with Slam 0~50%...
  4. Artille

    Question about "video" [Solved]

    Hello, I would like to know if there is anything I can do to kind of let the player have more control when a video is playing. In MV there was a plugin for this, but either I'm doing something wrong, or it doesn't work for MZ. Right now, MZ only offers the option to "play" a video, It would be...
  5. Artille

    Shop sells

    Hello, Is there a way to call for an event when the player is selling objects? When the user sell a potion, it's always half the price of the price mentionned in the objects list. I'd like to change that, or maybe call an event to make something happen, like a text dialogue. Haven't found...
  6. Artille

    Trouble playing the game via MacBook

    I am not quit sure this is the place to put this, but I found no accurately corresponding topic for this. I have a player that tried to play my small game via his macbook. The problem being, I only made a windows deployement and web deployement. I figured Mac and Linux users would be able to...
  7. Artille

    Exit game goes to specific map

    Hello, I am looking for a script that allows the player to go back to "a map", either by name or by id when they press Exit game button. I tried to look up myself, but unfortunately, every edit i tried failed (i'm not good at all in scripting). I tried looking for the...

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