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  1. jorgewaggoner

    Faekin Edits (RMMV Farming events[fixed])

    Hey! I'm not much of a resource maker, but I was in a bit of a spot and I had the idea to use tiles to make a 'characterset' akin to the '!Fire.png' one. I used the RTP resources to make it as well as Pandmaru's Summer/Spring nature tiles. I managed to even edit a couple of things together with...
  2. jorgewaggoner

    Character Set Farming Plot & Plants (RMMV)

    Resource Type: !Character Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP or Origional Description: I need a !character.png made for this, sixteen across by eight tall (Using the standard MV sized squares, which I believe are 38x38. I need these to be made so the different stages of growth of the...

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