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  1. orcomarcio

    Clouds of Rain

    The Story Screenshots Steam Page (14$) Launch Trailer
  2. orcomarcio

    Is it safe to modify sound buffers volume each cicle?

    Hi, i created a system for sounds that chance intensity when you get close. I call a script before playing a SE and it makes that se loops and changes volume based on the distance from the player. So far so good. The game though sometimes crashes (even before I implemented this, but was possibly...
  3. orcomarcio

    Print game crash stack

    Hi, sometimes my game crashes without communicating any error, is there a way to print the stack to a .txt file beforeit closes itself?
  4. orcomarcio

    Bitmap / screenshot from game screen

    Hi, I already tried Orange and a Korean plugin but the version of my game is too old to run them. I need a function to take a screenshot of the current game screen and give me back a bitmap or save it as a png to a given folder (i prefer a bitmap). I somehow did it a loooong time ago for an...
  5. orcomarcio

    Changing resolution in game (Solved)

    Hey there, I need to make the game change resolution during fights (to be precise I need 960x540 during exploration and 1920x1080 in combat). Initially i solved the problem re-initializing the Graphics class each time i needed to change resolution, but apparently that creates a lot of garbage...
  6. orcomarcio

    Skip actor's turn via script

    I'm using Yanfly's CTB system and I need to make so if a player as a certain state (stunned for example) the code automatically ends its turn. I tried calling a few BattleManager and Scene_Battle methods, I also tried to force the actor to use a spell that does nothing if he's stunned but when I...
  7. orcomarcio

    Creating new entry for combat menu

    Hi, I'm starting to handle the customization of the menus for the game I'm working on and I'm mostly oblivious to this part of MV. I tried to add an entry in the combat menu called "tactic" which contains 4 commands (2 for changing actor row, 1 for changing weapon and one to pass turn). The...
  8. orcomarcio

    Cannot use Object.prototype

    I'm trying to add properties to the Object class and according to this link it can be done like with any other class,but as soon as i put in my code something like Object.prototype.example = function { return true; }; the game gives me an error never pointing back to this partticular...
  9. orcomarcio

    Portals 2D

    This was a game I started to make right after I played Portal by Valve for the first time (so really long ago) and continued it form time to time. It was almost finished 3-4 years ago but I could not find how to end it up until a few months ago I when decided to finally complete it. Story...
  10. orcomarcio

    Event doesnt' wait for video to end Fix

    I don't know if someone already solved it but I just made this to solve the bug.  Apparently the code after launching the video keep asking the Graphics class if the video is playing and if not it means it ended, but it doesnt take count of the fact that webm and mp4 are compressed and it...
  11. orcomarcio

    Waiting for video to ends

    I was playing a video i an automatic execution event and it doens't wait for the movie to end. I managed to solve it using event pages and this line as a conditional branch argument !Graphics.isVideoPlaying() The thing is i wish it was more clean also i think that this should have been a...
  12. orcomarcio

    Bad character sprite position approximation with floating point map display coordinates

    Hi everyone,  I'm having an aesthetical issue with the way charachter sprite are drawn in relation to the tileset map. I have the player character and camera movement that change the _displayX and _displayY of $gameMap with floating point numbers. The thing is apparently the map sprite and...
  13. orcomarcio

    Error while trying to save in-game

    Hi everyone,  I had a problem while trying to use the in-game save system cause it game me the error  "Error: Object too deep" . I found out the problem was about circular reference in my code so I installed this plugin...
  14. orcomarcio

    Sharp pixels when zooming / going full screen

    Hi,  basically when i go in full screen mode i want the game not to be smoothed but instead i want the pixels to be "sharp". I know it should have something to do with the interpolation mode, which has to be set to NEAREST instead of LINEAR. I looked around in the internet on how to do that...
  15. orcomarcio

    Best (and reliable) way to change fixed resolution?

    Hi,  I want to change the resolution of my game to something like 1280x720, i don't need to be able to change it once the game starts i just want to set my target resolution and have it to work without problems or gimmicks. Also, anyone has an idea for what should be the best resolution for...
  16. orcomarcio

    8 Directions graphics plugin

    I created this for myself and I thought that I might aswell upload it. To use it you must:  1 - insert "8dir" in the name of the file (wherever you want)  2 - put the 4 diagonal graphics right below the normal cross movement graphics, just as they where an another character  3 - be sure...
  17. orcomarcio

    8 Directions Sprites in MV

    Hi,  I programmed an 8 dir code and i wanted to implement and 8 dir sprite system. since the sprite system seems a little bit messy/unclear, before spending some time trying to figure how to do it maybe someone knows where I should be looking for in the code or what i have to do in a general...
  18. orcomarcio

    How to pause everything on the map

    Hi,  I want to be able to pause/start everything on the map  (like when u open the menu by pressing 'esc'), does anyone know how to do it? Thanks
  19. orcomarcio

    Draw Sprite under Characters

    Hi,  I want do draw some sprites under the characters and others above, is there a way? My current method to draw sprites is this var myBitmap = ImageManager.loadSprite('image');var mySprite = new Sprite();mySprite.bitmap = myBitmap;SceneManager._scene.addChild(mySprite);Thanks :) EDIT: btw...
  20. orcomarcio

    Set Sprite color tone error

    Hi,  I was trying to change the color tone of a sprite by calling spriteName.setColorTone([r, g, b, grey]);but if i put any values besides [0, 0, 0, 0]  like for example [1, 0, 0, 0] the sprites just disappears. Any ideas? Thanks

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