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  1. Custom BGM wont play

    Hi there, My custom music wont play in Editor and of course during TEST play. Here are my steps 1-Download music from Youtube with YTb to MP3 websites 2-Open Audacity, import Downloaded mp3 3-Export into OGG into my project folder / audio / bgm - save as Battle5.Ogg (for example) 4-Export into...
  2. DreamX random plugin Error - undefined is not a function

    Hi there, I am using RPG MAKER MV version 1.0.1 and i am working on projects whole time in this version but when i used DreamX random prefixes suffixes plugin, game always stops with error as per attachments when i am opening chest containing a weapon I am not using basic items on any actors...
  3. Condition Dual Wield

    Hi there, I am confused how to make condition which applies effect(DMG boost) only if character is dual wielding Example i would want to have: 1-Character has equipped 1 Sword = his basic attack + attack from weapon - THIS IS NORMAL STAT IN GAME 2- Character has equipped 2nd Sword into 2nd...
  4. Passive self damage

    Hi there, I have created a class which is very powerfull but for balance i would like to add lets say trait or passive skill which would have 20% chance to confuse hero after each skill or basic attack. Is it possible? Thanks :)

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