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  1. About Yanfly Battle System

    Thanks for the Reply's @Snaz Sorry for placing this in the Wrong Section! I am going to be specific as I can this is a screenshot  as you can see, I have marked the 2 spots where you can see an Icon I am wondering If I am being able to change those Icons into another Icon? I did change my...
  2. About Yanfly Battle System

    Is there a way to change the Icons inside the script of the Yanfly's battle system script, like its now using very strange Icons I am not willing to use in it? is this possible so yeah how can I change it or at what line am I being able to change it?
  3. [Ruby] Quest Journal ( Help!! )

    Hey Everyone, as you can read the title.. I just added a fourht quest and now I keep getting some kind of weird error, and I am wondering if someone can help me out, the error Quotes "Script QuestLog line 856: Syntax Error occurred unexpected keyword_end, expecting ']' " And I haven't...
  4. Got a Quick Question..

    I see, thanks for replying to me. Susan! I will check it out.. Cheers !!
  5. Got a Quick Question..

    Hey Everyone I was wondering when I create and Weapon or Armor thing.. How much is like 1 DEF? What can I compair it with someone any idea, like the beginning shield has 1 DEF but what if I make it like 3? Is it a huge diffrence? I dont know how I can mark or get it.. Please I need some help...
  6. Let's create wonderful stories together

    What kind of stories are you looking for then :P
  7. sprites as battlers

    I was wondering since I was hovering around on youtube at the Lets Play hub section of the forums.. I noticed some games got Sprites as battlers like your own characters as battlers since I am using the YES battle engine and when you have these enormous battlers its not nice in the game. So my...
  8. Idea: RPG Maker Livestream Game Creation

    I think getting rpg maker on Twitch seems to be a good idea. Many people can learn how to .. Like mapping or other things.. Such like how to create a certain event or something like that
  9. Kazzador's Fantasy Sprites

    Thanks Kazzador, just what I was looking for these Goblins. Thanks !! :guffaw:
  10. Fullscreen++

    I have not changed anyone movement speed It is all on the default.. 3 : x2 Slower
  11. Fullscreen++

    I kept the resolustion what was in the script 640x480.. I tried it so I hitted  Playtest F12. The game kept flickering.. My normal screen from my laptop is 1366x786. I Changed the script to that resolution and It kept Flickering.
  12. Fullscreen++

    When i Enter full screen.. The game keeps flickering/blinking.. How can i modify this..
  13. How to do something like this?

    Awsome i really want this in kmygame to is this hard to enter this into the game?
  14. Maps and Tilesets

    You can enter the Database and replace you're tilesets, some are already filled in some have from A1 to A5 B C D and E is empty, you can enter an other tileset into there. But remember, if you do do not forget to change the Passages.. Because else you can walk over walls or anything else. You...
  15. Steam Workshop is Live!

    Thanks for your reply, this makes a lot of sense.. Cheers :guffaw:
  16. Luna's Tiles

    Haha, these Mushrooms u made on your last tile-set are amazing !! :)
  17. Steam Workshop is Live!

    Very nice, I bought it today. Only wondering since I cant follow the Instruction because my steam is having some issues with Loading all the time. But I was wondering, I Subscribed to you thing, but when i go to Files > Manage Projects > Select "Lunarea" then I' cant hit the Load. Anyways.. Cool...

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