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  1. RMMV Haven: Secret of Caledria | Demo Available

    I had the same experience. I'm curious what was the breaking point in MZ that forced you to stay with MV? I will give your demo a try. Do you have any requests for the feedback? (certain things you want focused on, etc.?)
  2. Galv's Layer Graphics MZ

    Neither could I. Welcome back, Master Galv. I didn't realize just how much I used this plugin until I ported my project to MZ. I sorely missed it. To Galv, thank you. I'll donate to you for your awesome work.

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I need to focus on some other stuff for now, so i won't be working on the other expressions for a while, but i wanted to share anyway <3
She also has a name now: Devali, or Dev(i) for short :)
So I think that almost four years after ghosting the forums is a good time to come back
finally redesigned one of the major antagonist of my game, Pro... aka Prometheus.

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