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  1. rtester

    Why does this take me to the game over screen?

    when I add a state of sleeping in my intro event the game goes straight to game over screen? I just want it so the player can't move until I switch their walking graphics back I have them laying down on the ground and when they move the images disappear and seems to walk out of the map and back...
  2. rtester

    RPG School?

    Does anyone know if the person whom made RPG school for RMVX or RMVX-ACE redone it for RMMV? Also is the original RPG Schools game still available for download? I did a google search and did not see anything, however I been know to not see what is right in front of my face. :P
  3. rtester

    IDE Setup for RMMV

    Does anyone know of any tutorials preferably video tutorials on how to setup an IDE to work with RMMV? I can Download visual studios community edition but that is massive when I already have eclipse installed. For me it would be good to have a step by step hand holding tutorial because I do...
  4. rtester

    Member+ Purchases

    I would like to know when or if I am going to get access to the products I bought when you had members plus. It been over *8 months and I have not heard anything about this issue I sent numerous emails
  5. rtester

    Where is all my content I bought

    where is all the content I bought. I bought numerous resource packs when i was a members + member i use to go to my content and then download or something like that and now it completely empty.
  6. rtester

    [VX] The Search for Mr. Anonymous

    This link to download the game is broken does anyone have a copy so i can play it
  7. rtester


    the game link is dead would anyone have a copy off it so i can play it?
  8. rtester

    VXACE Pause Script

    This seems to work fine in RMVX also. Thanks

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