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  1. cekobico

    What can be done to make RMMZ to have overwhelming positive reviews?

    Prior to knowing anything about MZ, I expected them to hire or at least cooperate with Yanfly and his team to integrate their plugin library into the new engine. Let's face it, after years of developing with MV+YEP, it's impossible to go back to just Vanilla MV. Besides, I feel like the man...
  2. cekobico

    Learn JS with RPG Maker MV

    It would be a nice community-engagement thing if they would do like a (bi-)weekly/monthly tutorial on how to make your own plugins. Like, make your own menu, make your own HUD, you know, things that SRD used to do back in the day. Heck, they probably could hire him to do so if he's willing to...
  3. cekobico

    Ways to get monster parts - ideas?

    You know the general formula for sidequest in typical rpg is "Please bring me 10x bear claws/bat wings/wolf fangs/etc." Now since you don't want battles, what about becoming the other side of that formula? You go to a tavern/guild and post a 'wanted' poster to kill a monster and then after a...
  4. cekobico

    RMMV Songbirds, a bird based RPG

    The sequel to hatoful boyfriends seems promising. I'm sorry. I don't have any ideas to contribute coz you seems to already have a solid base to work with. Looking forward to it!
  5. cekobico

    Town exploration incentives. No ransacking NPC homes.

    Megaman Legends actually did a cool trick with it that I like. They don't let you inside the houses but by examining the door, you could 'hear' what's going on inside the house; it can be some random chatter between two housewives gossiping, to people reacting to the news that happens outside...
  6. cekobico

    Where do you put your story-altering decisions?

    I'd do this for a visual novel but I despise this on a J-RPG. I don't have a lot of time to replay RPGs. There are hundreds of game and dozens being released every week. I'd like to know what's the story inside a game and move on to the next game. If a game forces me to do this, you'd bet I'll...
  7. cekobico

    Dungeon Encounters: Infinite vs. Finite number

    Why not both and let the players decide? Make on-map evented encounters that dies on defeat. Fighting these hand-placed troops should give you enough exp to level up for the main boss of the dungeon. Then at the end of the dungeon (or at the save point one would conveniently place before the...
  8. cekobico

    what kind of titles makes you give games a chance?

    Think of other game/anime/comics/tv shows that somewhat resonates with your game; and go from there. If you feel your game has a very heavy JRPG influence, you might want to pick wordings that resembles a JRPG game in hopes to catch the demographics who play JRPG. (Final Fantasy, Persona, Shin...
  9. cekobico

    LunaTechs MV/MZ Plugins & Tools

    You guys are like the oasis in the desert <3
  10. cekobico

    What Features do you miss/need/wish for?

    UI UI UI UI UI UI UI UI. Let us poor people who can't afford coders to make a menu plugin makes our own UI. Even as simple as changing the windows to use images. Tons of character, map, music assets here but (majority of) everyone's game still has that same UI.
  11. cekobico

    13 Alt Menu Screens

    This menu has gone through several iterations it no longer look like this anymore lol so technically I no longer have the .js for this look since I'm dumb and saved over it instead of making new file :|
  12. cekobico

    come hang out with us \o/

    come hang out with us \o/
  13. cekobico

    xDDDD hello there o/ I've been spending most of my time in Yanfly discord I guess :P

    xDDDD hello there o/ I've been spending most of my time in Yanfly discord I guess :P
  14. cekobico

    Puzzles for a cave dungeon

    On-the-go crafting-your-way-out kind of puzzle. A quick scenario in my head goes this way:
  15. cekobico

    Need Feedback on Menu Design (I'm too hard on myself)

    First of all, let me applaud you on your courage and effort to customize the default look of your menu. It is indeed a rare sight within RM games to have customized menu. So, kudos and good luck on improving it. Second, it's hard to judge your design with the misaligned elements. I think you...
  16. cekobico

    waynee95's Plugin Collection [NEWEST: WAY_MenuBackgrounds]

    Thank you very much for doing this xD As someone who uses super-long damage formula and have more than 300 skills, this makes adjustment way way way way faster. So long, the tedious and time-consuming process of copy-pasting damage formula to 100 skills whenever I need to re-balance things up ~~
  17. cekobico

    Is there a Japanese manual for RPG Maker MV?

    Have you ever tried going to the Japanese website and download the trial version of the Japanese RMMV and check to see if the helpfile is in Japanese?
  18. cekobico

    Remove by Restriction on States

    I'm not sure if this should go on Action Sequence thread or here, but I'll try here first. So, utilizing Yanfly's Action Sequence, I've made some of my skills to proc the damage twice (by using 2x Action Effect codeline). However, if the said skills are also inflicting status effect, it will...
  19. cekobico

    Need help adjusting Yanfly's Tips & Tricks "Freeze"

    Just the way I wanted. Thank you very much guys :D
  20. cekobico

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    @Anorgar thank you very much!

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