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  1. AccolourChris

    Problems With Displaying Pictures and Characters

    I would definitely use a Plugin to get these results than to attempt to do it from within the game engine itself. Plugins will allow you to get a massive amount of those features without the extra struggle. I would suggest Yanfly's Message Core or something similar to get these results.
  2. AccolourChris

    I have a tendancy to over think LITERALLY EVERYTHING involved in my game, and it's ruining in the experience.

    I've learned it's a lot easier for me to develop stuff when I get the input of people I trust around me or other developers. If I allow myself to do everything on my own I lose my mind! We all want everything and the ideas swarm around your head like buzzards to the prey, but we need limiters...
  3. AccolourChris

    RMMZ Lightestone: A 2D Farm Sim with Dragons!

    Love everything so far. Can't wait for the next stream ^.^
  4. AccolourChris

    Is the first enemy encounter area in your game a forest?

    I always assumed most RPGs/JRPGs use forest for their first true "Dungeon" simply because starter mobs are normally wolves, slimes, orcs, imps, ogres. It just makes sense for it to be a forest to start with if the world consist within that same kinda universe. Hell, even the one I'm working on...
  5. AccolourChris

    inn keeper event trouble

    Been a while since I'm taken any class in math, but it seems like you have it set so that if you have less than 10g you can stay, but if you have greater than 10 you gotta go. o.0 Weird Inn to run, but honestly I'd be into it. The poor life is real!
  6. AccolourChris

    RMMV The Unborn Daughter (Demo available!)

    Alrighty! I've read over everything and I started over to see what I can do going about it differently. I'll be updating it tomorrow with a new one. Though I did want to come back and say that a certain cold boss has a lovely BGM.
  7. AccolourChris

    Fade out SE?

    Like you want them all to individual fade out or are you just trying to fade out each song based on the map they are in? You could always use the event "Fade out BGM/BSM every time the character moves between maps. Might be the best way to do it. Though I'm not completely sure what your full...
  8. AccolourChris

    Greetings fellow RPG fans

    Welcome, Creature. I hope you produce beautiful things for the clan ^.^
  9. AccolourChris

    RMMV The Unborn Daughter (Demo available!)

    So I've played the demo for at least an hour and got up to the slime boss before it killed me! I have some pros and cons for this and some bugs I may have encountered! There were other things but they are small and minor when it comes to demos such as this. I was still invested in the story...
  10. AccolourChris

    How often do you work on your project?

    At the moment? Everyday...and I'm losing my mind! However it will all be worth it in the end!
  11. AccolourChris

    Offering Your Services Questions

    I would assume that would be subjective o.0 If someone is seeking help for a project they don't plan to make money on then you have a decision to make as to whether or not you feel the need to help without the pay or not. I would assume most of those projects wouldn't have much of a budget...
  12. AccolourChris

    Need guidance with game logo

    It's about as close as I would get without going more in-depth with the slice tool to fill in more curves and adjusting brightness here and there. It's not extremely difficult to do, but I'm not an expert at all in Graphic Design...Hell, I'm not even sure if this is what you were looking for to...
  13. AccolourChris

    RMMV [RSE] Garage Ninja (A Comedy RPG) Demo Out Now!

    This looks entertaining. Can't wait to test out the demo ^.^
  14. AccolourChris

    What is the stuff on the "R" tab?

    The R stands for region if I remember correctly from VX. Essentially you can specify events and encounters to trigger based on where the region ID is. Like let's say you wanna make it so you can't run on a certain part of the map. You can just use the region ID associated with it to prevent the...
  15. AccolourChris

    Normally any form of animal or creature runs from me as if I have some form of rona...

    Normally any form of animal or creature runs from me as if I have some form of rona...
  16. AccolourChris

    These are so frikken adorable!

    These are so frikken adorable!
  17. AccolourChris

    [Help, MV Events] How to make a Fade in or Fade out in an event?

    When you make an new event or use a current one. You'll find it on the second tab on the far right. Link for helpfulness: Hope that helps!
  18. AccolourChris

    Just think about the fuzzy feeling you'll get when you're done. Trumps all the sleepless nights ^.^

    Just think about the fuzzy feeling you'll get when you're done. Trumps all the sleepless nights ^.^
  19. AccolourChris

    Struggling with yourself

    It seems like you might have a slight form of depression, but it's also possible that your expectations might be a little too high. Have you attempted to do things in small doses and build from there? Before I started making games and trying to better myself I was a hopeless drunk who couldn't...
  20. AccolourChris

    Elzakalas: God of Destruction

    All praise thy breaker of worlds! He shall bring upon the end of days. Our prays may spare us from a fate much more beautiful than death! Either way, great work ^.^

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