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  1. BrokenT

    VX style DS RTP character sprites?

    This is the screen shot from "ぼくらの大革命!" I have seem them in a lot of games, including commercial ones, at first I assumed they were from the DS material pack for VX-Ace, but further research (buying it) disproved that. I can't seem to find the source of them. I want to use these, but how...
  2. BrokenT

    Help needed with System Options scripts

    So I have been using this script for volume control, and have been quite happy with it: Recently I start looking for a "Always Dash option" script, but everywhere I look pretty much lead to Yanfly's this script...
  3. BrokenT

    Help needed with battle of resized RPG Maker window (solved)

    So, I've been using the resized window of 960*640 for a while now. Recently I started trying the battle system and found out this problem. Basically the limitation for the enemy picture and the displacement of troops are still meant for the original window size. So how do I change these to go...

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