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  1. Shiro1994

    Bug RPG Maker MZ not working on M1 Macs

    Hello, I have been using a M1 Macbook for a few days and wanted to use it as my main computer. However, I wanted to test how the new Macbook runs RPG Maker and unfortunately I cannot use playtest. Although the software (editor) works, I cannot test the project. This happens as soon as I have a...
  2. Shiro1994

    Class with Two-handed Weapon & Dual Wield

    Hello! I would like to create a class which can use bows (two-handed weapon) and also daggers/swords/axes (one-handed weapons). The problem is, if I use the dual wield tag the character can also carry two bows. I want to prevent this.   The other issue: Swords & Axes are also used by...
  3. Shiro1994

    Change Battle Equip with MOG_Hunter HUD (Yanfly/Mog_Hunter Plugin)

    Hello I would like to combine "YEP_X_ChangeBattleEquip" Plugin with MOG_Hunter's Battle HUD plugin. I found out that the problem occurs with the "MOG_BattleCommands" and "YEP_X_ChangeBattleEquip". Since I'm not familiar with programming I don't know what I have to delete or write into the...
  4. Shiro1994

    Removing Level

    Hello! I would like to remove the RPG Maker MV's level system. However, the actor's level is always drawn in the status menu. Is there a way to remove the level so that you can't see it anymore? I'm using Yanfly's scripts (also the StatusMenuCore) and "AltMenuScreen" by Yoji Ojima. I was able...
  5. Shiro1994

    Game doesn't work on web browser

    Hello. I followed every step on the manual so that I could play my game in the browser (I use google chrome). However, it doesn't work. There is always a message "Failed to load: data/Actors.json". I found only one topic here in this forum where Yami suggested that...

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