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  1. More weapon requirements for skills

    I wanted to create a warrior class with a lot of different physical skills, depending on the weapon he uses. But I felt that choosing two different weapons as a requirement for the skill wasn't enough. With Yanflys Weapon Mastery Passive (Tips and Tricks) as inspiration and Skill Core plugin I...
  2. Dual Wield VE YEP compatibility patch

    Hi everyone, I spent the last week on google, looking for a good dual wield plugin. Yanfly doesn't have on, sadly. Victors is exactly what I'm looking for, seperate attack damage and animation, double grip, monkey grip, off hand damage, shields and everything just working fine. but sadly...
  3. Damage enemy group on state leave effect

    Hi, I'm pretty new to javascript and most of the time I'm mix and matching my way through yanflys lunatic mode but now I'm stuck on this one state and I can't get it to work. I'm trying to recreate the living bomb skill from WoW. Simply a skill that creates a state with a DoT (no problem...

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