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  1. DeadManJoe

    [Paid] Need help removing errors

    Im willing to pay someone to help locate and remove errors that are popping up when I try to playtest my game after loading it into indiexpo, I've tried fixing it myself but cant seem to locate the issues. Along with fixing the errors I need a detailed explanation of what caused the errors and...
  2. DeadManJoe

    Loading Error

    So the demo for my project is complete and I successfully uploaded to indiexpo, but when I try playtesting through Google Chrome it pops up this image, But when I check the Deployable folder the image is in the correct location, Please Help!
  3. DeadManJoe

    Medieval: Plague Bringers DLC Review?

    So I'm looking to make a gothic-horror type game in RPGMMV and saw they had this pack available for purchase on the site, has anyone used this pack yet and can tell me how they like it? Does it come with sv_battlers? How difficult is it to use?
  4. DeadManJoe

    Substitute Glitch

    So I created a "Cover Ally" type of effect where my character will use the Substitute trait on an ally but for some reason everytime he covers an attack from a hit he gets shifted downward, has anyone encountered this type of issue before? How do I keep him from shifting down? I used the...
  5. DeadManJoe

    Cover Ally Skill

    Has anyone been able to create in MV a "Cover Ally" skill? Basically have the user target a specific ally and move in front of them when an enemy attacks the chosen ally using their guard animation and taking the damage, afterwards moving back to their original position. I KNOW there is the...
  6. DeadManJoe

    [RPGMMV] Cover Ally Plugin?

    Hey folks, I've been searching around for awhile and posted on reddit but not having any luck. Does anyone have or know how to create a Cover Ally ability? The user selects an ally and whenever that ally is attacked move the user in front of them with guard animation, they take the damage and...
  7. DeadManJoe

    Darkest Dungeon Battle Sprites

    Resource Type: (Battlers) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (Darkest Dungeon/Mike Mignola) Description: I need battler spritesheets for the characters that the player uses in my demo. I used ripped sprites from Darkest Dungeon to kind of cobble together how the two main characters look in the...
  8. DeadManJoe

    Deploying onto IndieExpo

    Ok so I am having a weird issue with trying to deploy my game. I found a website that can handle the size and seems easy enough to upload to (takes 30-40 mins). But for some reason it just keeps uploading an older build of my game that has...
  9. DeadManJoe

    Deployment for QA Testing (PLEASE HELP ME!!!)

    So I just finished the first demo of my game and am struggling to get my demo deployed for QA testing. Where do most people QA test their games? I tried Newgrounds but my file size is too big. I tried but too many files, I tried gamejolt but it won't even get me to where I need to upload...
  10. DeadManJoe

    Dark & Gritty Battler sprites

    So I'm making a horror rpg and the chibi sprites for the battles just doesn't fit my game's mood or story very well. Does anyone have a link to battler sprites that fit in a darker/grittier mold. My setting is gothic fantasy (Victorian Era) in fact Darkest Dungeon-style sprites would be awesome...

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