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  1. Yanfly Quest Journal problem

    Hi everyone! I recently tested Yanfly Quest Journal, and I am not sure what's the problem. Testing it on a clean project, with just Yanfly Core and this plugin, I find the current issue: When I add a single quest, everything seems fine, but adding a second one makes all quests disappear from...
  2. Plugin to allow for tutorial messages/interactions while in-menus

    Basically, an MV version of the Scene Tutorial script for VX Ace. Having a convenient way to control the cursor in a menu, and the ability to display messages while in scenes that don't offer a way for the developer to do so normally. Essentially, it's a method to show players any unique...
  3. Understanding an error

    So, I am scripting a little mail system in my game. To populate the lists of "read letters" and "all letters", I use this bit of code. def make_item_list case @mode when :all self.index = 0 @data = [] @letter_size = -1 until @letter_size...
  4. Problems with a script

    Hello everyone! I recently started using this script . It's for a mail system, but there is a problem: it doesn't save the state of the letters properly. By this I mean that if you quit and re-start, you won't be able to use its methods to check if you already read a letter or not, because it...
  5. Is there a way to dynamically change state rates?

    Let's say I wanted a skill to lose its effectiveness over time. Specifically, its stun effect should apply 100% of the times on first use, then 70% of the times on second use, then 40, then 10... You get the idea. Is there a way to achieve this per enemy? A way to give them additional...
  6. Script to temporarily disable all event interactions

    Is there a way to disable/enable event interactions at will? And maybe exclude specific events from being disabled? Let's say (for example) I wanted to have a "freeze time" spell available for players at all time. Not only would I need to stop movement, I'd need the NPCs to stop talking if...
  7. Spell pointer (for a commercial game)

    Hello, everyone! I am currently working on a game, and I need a script for it (or rather, I'd need a new script, to substitute one I am using currently). At the moment, I am using a script which allows for mouse support: I use it mainly in conjuction with a spell system to solve puzzles in a...
  8. [VX Ace/RGSS3] A question about menus and windows

    Let's say I have Window_Selectable with a bunch of entries in the list (the list isn't fixed, but changes based on certain actions during the game, I use an array to populate it), and I want to show different descriptions for each entries in a separate window (maybe a Window_Base) whenever the...
  9. Disposing of a custom window

    So, I have a problem which is probably easy to solve, but I can't figure out since I am completely new to scripting: I wanted to display a window with a message which didn't disappear despite user input, so I added this script: class Window_Bro < Window_Base def initialize...

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