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  1. Boi

    RPG Battle system

    Hey. I'm looking for a battle system MUCH more different from the usual front turn based battle, or side view battle, is there a battle system for RPG Maker vx Ace that is similar to this
  2. Boi

    Bleach VX ACE Sprite

    Hey, so I'll be straight forward and specific, if you've seen the anime Bleach then you know what I'm talking about, I want a mack styled Ichigo Kurosaki sprite for rpg maker vx ace Edit: Please <3
  3. Boi

    Picture overlay lighting issue

    So I want to get deeper and have much more detailed and defined maps, so I took a screenshot of my map, went into photoshop and added some gradients, lighting's and ect, but when I went into rpg maker, the overlay didn't have the correct position and it would follow the player when it moves...
  4. Boi

    Anime Sprites

    Does anyone know where I can get Bleach,Naruto, and DBZ sprites, or atleast a GOOD sprite creator 
  5. Boi

    Retro Graphics

    I love retro styled rpg's, I feel like there's more character in them and reminds us of the good ol days. Im not a fan of buying things online so if you can please and kindly provide me retro emosets and retro tiles that'd be cool! (Sorry if this has already been requested)

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