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  1. sipac

    Problem with Mouse Script in VX Ace

    I went to: Tools > Script Editor. Above 'Main' at the bottom of the list, I created a new script called: Mouse and pasted in Jets script: http://www.rpgmakerv...2-mouse-system/ I started the play-test and got this error (attached) Any ideas why? And how I can fix it?
  2. sipac

    cut-scene screen movement

    I want to find out how to have a cut-scene move around the screen. For example, look at 1 min 4secs into the video, the way the screen is scripted to move around... anyone know how to do it?
  3. sipac

    Creating opening scene

    I'm creating an opening scene (as our RPG Maker guy doesn't have internet access) so I'm having a go even though I'm actually the writer :) I want to make both characters walk towards the end of the cliff and talk. I've managed to create two events and have them walk to the end of the cliff...
  4. sipac

    Untitled Project (Join now)

    Our game title has been decided but is staying under wraps for non-members of the team Game synopsis: Nigel is getting old now. He's been left to live out his final days in an old peoples care home. He believes his lover died many years ago and has dreamed of her ever since. Aged 75, believed...
  5. sipac

    Recruiting Team Now

    My friend and I have decided to create a fantasy RPG with a unique storyline and unique OST. My friend has a University-level degree in composition and he will be creating the Original Soundtrack for the game. So as it stands, we have: Game Director Composer We are recruiting the...

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