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  1. Sereth

    TamFey's Timed Button Attacks

    I can't tell you how excited I am for this plugin. Thank you so much for putting this together! I plan on using it with my husband who is a music teacher to help teach rhythms to his students.
  2. Sereth

    I'd like to finally introduce myself

    Thank you all for the replies. This does make me feel better and I really hope to give back to the community since I've been using the resources everyone here gives so generously for so long.
  3. Sereth

    I'd like to finally introduce myself

    Hi! My name is Kailey and I've been a member of the forums for a long time and have been using RPG maker for over 10 years. However, I've always been very shy and only recently have started posting and putting myself more out there. So, hello! I hope I can start making great friends and good...
  4. Sereth

    Sound Debugging

    So much better. I'll take a short loading screen over an empty space in the music.
  5. Sereth

    Wink Generator Parts

    Yes, of course! These are just edits of already existing MV resources, so as long as you own MV, you can use them per their terms of use (commercial or non-commerical). I'll clarify my main post :D
  6. Sereth

    Wink Generator Parts

    Thank you all for the great feedback. It's such a simple edit, but I'm so glad to see it be of use to so many people  :)
  7. Sereth

    Cvrtis' Edits (Little update)

    Really? It would be awesome if I had a yellow one, I'm making elemental shrines :D
  8. Sereth

    Cvrtis' Edits (Little update)

    Thank you! The statues with orbs is exactly what I needed!
  9. Sereth

    Whtdragon's trees recolors

    These are beautiful! Thank you for the recolors! I can make some awesome rainbow fantasy forests!
  10. Sereth


    Thank you so much! This will make my text work so much easier!
  11. Sereth

    TheHarmp's Resource Laboratory.

    Those wall edits were exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for your work!
  12. Sereth

    Mon's Character Generator Expansion

    These are beautiful. Thank you for them!
  13. Sereth

    RPG MAKER MV - Host your game free in Google Drive

    I got my game to work! Thanks for the tutorial! This will be a great way to share quick projects with friends :D
  14. Sereth

    Wink Generator Parts

    Yeah! Of course! I'll start some edits and do some male wide and narrow as well as add a female narrow wink.
  15. Sereth

    Wink Generator Parts

    EDIT: Male eyes and female narrow wink added! I needed a winking emotion for one of my characters, so I whipped these up for the female side of the generator. I hope someone else can get a use out of these as well! (Male included now) Examples: Credit: Kadokawa Commercial and...

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