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  1. Bigbaddevil7

    Looking for an Fusion Reactor Tile

    If someone is willing to do so I want a Fusion Reactor Tile. Type: MV Size: 5x5 (240px X 240px) its a large piece. Art Style: Vexed Horror Style, found here Description: Basically a large reactor that follows the image reference below. It is in a horror setting with dim lighting so it...
  2. Bigbaddevil7

    Directional Light Soruce(FlashLight)

    At the time I am making this tutorial, I am making a horror game and I really wanted a flashlight. So I thought I would show how I did it. Now the lights are just examples, they can all be tweaked to look better in an image editor. I didn't spend too much time on the images to make sure this...
  3. Bigbaddevil7

    Getting ScreenX for an Enemy

    So I know Javascript, but my background is entirely different to this. So I am trying to figure out the flow that is going on here. One thing I am trying to do. Is get the Screen X to eventually be able to draw a sprite over the character. I know this can be done in the Game using variables...
  4. Bigbaddevil7

    What is _stopCount

    I have Prior JS experience from Web Development, but new to RPG Maker scripting, and I have been looking through the files to work on a new pathing AI plugin for a game project. From what I can gather, is it just a variable that gets ticked when the event/character can not move? This here Is...
  5. Bigbaddevil7

    Is Excluded Unused Files really that usefull

    This is just a discussion I want to start on the option stated above and if it really should be used or not. Statements said below can be misunderstanding of the feature, feel free to correct anything. So I have been running into a few issues with this simple checkbox "Exclude unused files"...
  6. Bigbaddevil7

    Proper Credit for VX ACE assets in MV

    So I have Futuristic Tile Pack for VX-ACE and I decided to scale it up to 48x48 using Photoshop's nearest neighbor interpolation. Is there anything I have to do in order to give credit for it properly, or is it the fact it's still RPG Maker where it doesn't matter?
  7. Bigbaddevil7

    SteamkPunk Airship

    Does anyone have some airship tile-sets, or even something I can parallax? I want an airship the player can walk on, whether it be top down or from the side it doesn't matter. I was trying to work on one using some textures from Bokou , and couple from gabreliks, but I'm not happy with it at...

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