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  1. Ichi

    Game & Map Screenshots

    Plus typing that up during a wedding rehearsal on mobile doesn't help lol. I really like the temple areas you have, what lighting scripts are you using? I like the lighting level you have there.
  2. Ichi

    Game & Map Screenshots

    I appreciate the feedback, thanks for taking the time to look over it. I wasn't sure about the rocks in the stream, I think ill take them out since it is just a 1x1 river. I'll add a few mountains around the town on the world map as well, as soon as I loaded that pic I realized that. I am not...
  3. Ichi

    Game & Map Screenshots

    So, this is pretty early on in development, here is my first town Alpina. I just finished the layout of the buildings and the foliage as well as some chest, sign post and the like. I wish I could do some custom tilesets of my own but I would never get done with the game if I had to do everything...
  4. Ichi

    Kazzador's Fantasy Sprites

    Whoa, those are nice, thanks for the parts and the sprites are great as well.
  5. Ichi

    Your Game Genre?

    I find your over quanity of faith disturbing... :P
  6. Ichi

    Your Game Genre?

    Your statement here is the truth. I would love to see a few additional RTP sets, (insert Fry throwing money meme). The Samurai set seems really nice, but its not something I really plan on using anytime soon. Just reading this thread alone I can get a good feel for what the community would like...
  7. Ichi

    Ace is here :)

    My reaction when the e-mail came in:
  8. Ichi

    Ace is here :)

    Stuck at work for just a little bit longer, glad to be able to start the DL though when I get home. Good times gang! Happy Dances!
  9. Ichi

    Maze of the Lost - DEMO 2.0 Released 07/15/12

    Hey Knightmare, sounds like a fun game! I was wondering if you planned on keeping the save menu open or will the floors be restricted to locking the save menu. Maybe have safe areas on the floor that you can save in?
  10. Ichi

    Another Wanna Be

    Hey Dragoon, welcome aboard!
  11. Ichi

    Waiting for ace!

    Waiting for ace!
  12. Ichi

    My Introduction I forgot!

    Hey welcome, it is nice to meet you as well!
  13. Ichi

    Plot and Character Feedback

    Hey Cronith! Wow you have really thought about how your world works, thats great! I think it will be interesting to see how you incorperate those ideas into the game world. Adding lore books and flavor text to certain items can go a long way to making your world come to life and you have plenty...
  14. Ichi

    Do we have a time for the official release? (preordered)

    slow claps... yes... excellent news! Hopefully your aim is true!
  15. Ichi

    Anyone as excited as I am!

    I think this topic here would be worth looking over, relating to documention specifically #4 and #5 on the list:
  16. Ichi

    Your best excuses to ditch work/school tomorrow..

    If I knew when the emails were going to be sent out I might drum up something, but then i'd probably just end up falling asleep with the rare opertunity to do so :D
  17. Ichi

    Your Game Genre?

    I traditionally do Fantasy RPG, and though I will have those elements in my Ace project I would want to incorperate some Steampunk elements into it if I can nail down the resources for it. I would love to try my hands on a tatics style game next or maybe even add some elements of sim-building...
  18. Ichi

    Hi :)

    Is it ok if we call you smiles :D Welcome aboard!
  19. Ichi

    Hey all

    Hey Vee, welcome! Never forget the 5th of november!
  20. Ichi

    Obligatory Introduction

    Sounds like a good introduction to me! A glitch finder huh? Thats cool, I am always impressed with people who have the patience to find glitchs and how to duplicate them.

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