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  1. Reat

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Hey I've been editing your new character sprites to add dynamic actions. I've been working on a mining sprite and I'd like to know what you think! I'm fairly new to spriting so if you have any tips on how to make it better I'd really appreciate it.
  2. Reat

    RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.68 - Update on the 10th April 2021

    I've noticed another bug: when I'm attempting to Export a face by loading a previous face image, the face I'm trying to place on it seems to load out of alignment.
  3. Reat

    RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.68 - Update on the 10th April 2021

    I'm getting this error when I attempt to select the Eyes menu. Everything else works fine. This occurred after I imported a bunch of new assets.
  4. Reat

    [DEMO] Apotheosis

    Chapter 2 is done! It can be downloaded here: The new forums seem to have broken my ability to edit my original topic so the download link there is broken at the moment. The compatibility between saves from version 1 to version...
  5. Reat

    [DEMO] Apotheosis

    Small update fixing bugs, slight balance tweaking, faster and more fluid ATB, a bit more detail to NPCs in Dupon, equip text details, and some other quality of life changes. Edit: Echo607 reviewed Apotheosis on youtube! Link added to main page!
  6. Reat

    [DEMO] Apotheosis

    I think I found the problem, thanks for the report!
  7. Reat

    [DEMO] Apotheosis

    Good points on the mob movement, I think some of them are set pretty high, I'll look in at that. Multiclassing shouldn't be such of a problem since 1. The level cap for all classes is 50, and 2. The exp curve grows rapidly to level 25 or so (which is when all skills are learned), and then tapers...
  8. Reat

    [DEMO] Apotheosis

    I'd love some feedback! The more the better :)
  9. Reat

    [DEMO] Apotheosis

  10. Reat

    Firgof's Discount Art and Sprites

    The Fanged Worm and Lyrr are really awesome! I'd love to see more enemy battle sprites like that!
  11. Reat

    SV_Battlers from SV_enemies [9. The Hornet]

    These are very cool! The bat is great, especially.
  12. Reat

    SV Overlay Upgrade (add/edit SV Overlay Animations for your States!)

    Plugin work great! It's a wonder why this feature wasn't default for MV.
  13. Reat

    Mana Shield

    Nice plugin! But now that we can protect our health with mana, can we protect our mana by draining health instead?
  14. Reat

    Minnow's RTP Edits (Updated 12/05 with large tree!)

    Great work! Don't forget the less cuddly animals though. Snakes deserve sprites too! :)

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