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  1. GlitchyPSIX

    Message Box Gl1tch

    Everything working fine (Before shopping ANYTHING with Execute Shop Event). After shopping ANYTHING (with shop event): Happens with all message boxes by default (after shopping) I have no external "Shop" Script. Ask me anything that could help you help me. (What?)
  2. GlitchyPSIX

    GlitchyPSIX Variable Window Color Script

    "An action works better than 1000 words. In this case, the action is this image." Introduction This script will let you assign a Red, Green or Blue value for the Message Box/Window Color. Useful for "First Run/New Game" setups that want the "Mother 3 Window Flavor System" This one is more...
  3. GlitchyPSIX

    Name Input - Custom Font Glirch

    Problem: There is a font glitch in the Name Input window. Cause: Switching the default font (VL Gothic) to Roboto Condensed (License included, I'm no stealer.) What happens?: After changing the font, the name input looks like with all letters from the font being like, sticked. no spaces...
  4. GlitchyPSIX

    Mother 3 Timed Hit Combo (And battle engage)

    Well, i think every Mother 3 player knows what I'm searching for.  If you're not one, then I'm searching for something similar to... this: The script I use are: Yanfly's Core  Yanfly's Message System  Yanfly's Battle System  Yanfly's State Animations  Yanfly's Skill Weapon Replace  Yanfly's...

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