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  1. Archeia

    How to create your own templates (any sprite or battler sheet)

    As the saying goes, reference!
  2. Archeia

    RPG Maker MZ 1.2.1 Update

    Check the 2nd post too please.
  3. Archeia

    RPG Maker MZ 1.2.1 Update

    No idea. AMD always gives us problems and even then it's random. If we can't replicate it we can't fix it so you have to wait for Japan to finally be able to replicate it.
  4. Archeia

    RPG Maker MZ 1.2.1 Update

    There is an issue where Windowskin Bleeding will happen on certain dimensions because of a bug fix. For information about the issue: The Fix: However, upon applying this fix, it will cause the battle status window to bleed. As seen from this issue: I provided a different fix solutions for...
  5. Archeia

    RPG Maker MZ 1.2.1 Update

    Hello RPG Makers! Thank you for using RPG Maker MZ, as always, we appreciate your support! We hope you are enjoying it so far. The latest update, Version 1.2.1, is now live with some major updates and bug fixes! Download Update Major Updates Windows version of NW.js has been changed from...
  6. Archeia

    Oh I haha

    Oh I haha
  7. Archeia

    Wait what? I didn't remove any medals

    Wait what? I didn't remove any medals
  8. Archeia

    Announcement RPG Maker 31st Birthday: Release Something Event

    Everyone should be have all their badges now! If I missed you, let me know! The lottery will start soon and the winner will get a PM from me. @Ksi and I are planning to create videos for each entries submitted to give people valuable feedback (you can also opt not to have one from us, just let...
  9. Archeia

    broken image links

    It is now fixed!
  10. Archeia

    broken image links

    Hey guys I'm still looking into it. We're not sure what's happening
  11. Archeia

    Announcement RPG Maker 31st Birthday: Release Something Event

    I deeply apologize for the delay, we'll be handing out stuff soon! Just been having some software problems here and there.
  12. Archeia

    RPG Maker MZ v1.2.0 Update

    I had been searching for this for a while now and can't seem to emulate. I already tried it with a new project.
  13. Archeia


  14. Archeia

    Is there a "XP to VX Ace" converter?

    XP's database is different to VX -> VXA. You might want to find an XP -> VX -> VXA converter in that fashion probably. Maybe @Shaz knows something?
  15. Archeia

    Can no longer access my thread

    That's very interesting. I can access it via microsoft edge. Weird. Try doing CTRL+F5 for now. Idk why it's only that page not working.
  16. Archeia

    Suggestion Please, for the love of god, bring back the old animations.

    It's also pinned in this very board you posted:
  17. Archeia

    Which RPG maker should you choose? (for a beginner)

    All of them are viable but I highly recommend MZ or VXAce if you don't want the modern engines.
  18. Archeia

    How to remove square text

    That box is a "space delimiter" whatever you call it again commonly used in JP. There's a lot of ways to fix it but your screenshot shows me nothing. Just some examples: Download these scripts: Lonewolf’s Custom Font Junk Symbol Fix Mezzolan’s Arrow Fix (Put this below Victory Aftermath if...
  19. Archeia

    How do I change my username?

    Unfortunately name is taken can you give me a new one?

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