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  1. The Drake

    Saving / Loading makes Resets

    I have been debugging my game for Errors.. I had saved the game and checking till a checkpoint.. Then after I loaded I saw that the game Variables were reseted to 0.. Is it a MV Version problem I am using 1.0.1? Does the update clear this bug? Sorry and Thank you in advance :rswt
  2. The Drake

    Script Request for Custom Transition

    Um.. :rswt:  I have seen scripts for Transition but they are mostly for Battle Transition or Map Transition.. But I need Transition Script so that I could make screen half faded black... (Image below) Is there any way I could do with Display Image Option? When the cut scene starts...
  3. The Drake

    Request for Quitting (Shutdown) Confirmation

    I have seen a similar request of Confirmation of Save Game of Yanfly's Save Engine (Glav's and others).. But what I require is the same thing, but for confirmation on Shutdown Command (Quit)..Showing Options Yes and No.. And when...
  4. The Drake

    2 Request (Bi-cycle System and Game Time)

    Note:- REQUESTS (2) One for a bi-cycling system or script and a Character with a basic cycle template.. Like one in RPG MAKER XP(Pokemon DarkFlame), But for RPG MAKER VX ACE And Need the correct script line to check what day is it in this script:- To check...

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