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  1. Crosszeria

    Luna's Tiles

    These are amazing! Great work!
  2. Crosszeria

    Yami - Hanzos Script Help

    I downloaded the RPGVX ACE RTP program, from It didn't make any difference either. I literally just can't download the Demo and am only missing the info on that. If I could get the info off of that Demo it would be great. I...
  3. Crosszeria

    Yami - Hanzos Script Help

    This one is the EVENT screen, where I'm wondering how I implement the Overlay picture. Since I don't have a tutorial without the video, and it explains this part. So any input would be greatly appreciated!! :) Here's the one with all items/terrain I'll use at the parallax This also...
  4. Crosszeria

    Yami - Hanzos Script Help

    Ok I think I understand the Variables now, TYVM both Andar and J0pac. J0pac your description got my head around it so good job explaining! When Ander corrected it, it also made sense. So that's one step forward for me! :) Now my only problem then, if that is all fine and dandy... Is how to...
  5. Crosszeria

    Yami - Hanzos Script Help

    When I try to press on the demo, it first came up with a .DLL error. I fixed that, and now it comes up with a RPGVXRTP error. And that one I can't seem to fix. The instructions in Yami's don't include any instructions on the Event process, only about where to place the Image. It also says...
  6. Crosszeria

    Yami - Hanzos Script Help

    I'm finding this annoyingly difficult to understand. I've been trying to use Hanzo's script for creating layers. I've followed all the tutorials, but my Win 7 isn't letting me view Hanzo's demo... Problem is, that tells you how to do it. If anyone uses Hanzo's, or Yami's script... Please let...
  7. Crosszeria

    Re-Sizing Tile Menu & Tiles Cut Off

    Ooooh okay. Back to what I said originally, I might be ******ed. XD I got this yesterday on Sale, and I've had my eye on it for a while before that. I have already used many of the items.. The only problem with that is that they look really good compared to the stock terrain and items. Hmmm...
  8. Crosszeria

    Re-Sizing Tile Menu & Tiles Cut Off

    Sorry about that. I actually just snapped a image off of google to highlight my issue. I'm using Windows 7 myself. I was just too dumb to take a screenshot... The button wasn't working on my keyboard. I'm pretty much trying to re-size the tile window in the left. It's a tad small for me, and...
  9. Crosszeria

    Re-Sizing Tile Menu & Tiles Cut Off

    Hi every1. I could just be ******ed... But I can't seem to find a way to re-size the tile window. (If at all possible) And by tile window I mean on the left side of your "map" where all the tiles are. I've also downloaded some tiles online and when I upload it, it's all fine... However, when...

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