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  1. Archeia

    RPG Maker MZ 1.2.1 Update

    Hello RPG Makers! Thank you for using RPG Maker MZ, as always, we appreciate your support! We hope you are enjoying it so far. The latest update, Version 1.2.1, is now live with some major updates and bug fixes! Download Update Major Updates Windows version of NW.js has been changed from...
  2. Archeia

    RPG Maker MZ v1.2.0 Update

    Hello RPG Makers! Thank you for using RPG Maker MZ, as always, we appreciate your support! We hope you are enjoying it so far. The latest update, Version 1.2.0, is now live with some major updates and bug fixes! Download Update Major Updates NW.js has been updated to v 0.51.0. Effekseer has...
  3. Archeia

    Announcement RPG Maker 31st Birthday: Release Something Event

    Banner art by @Archeia :kaoluv:Sister Event Page: RMN (RPGMaker.Net) It's RPG Maker's birthday and you're invited to join in the celebration! The aim is to release a game - either complete or demo - before the end of the event... but there's a twist! You are also encouraged to release a...
  4. Archeia

    Forum Server Move

    Hello everyone, in the next hour or two, the forum will temporarily go down as we do a server move. We thank you again for your patience and understanding. :kaothx:
  5. Archeia

    Announcement Forum Update - February 2, 2021

    Thank you for your patience! The newest forum update is here! If you find any issues, please report it here and we'll fix as soon as we are able! What's New? Upgraded to the latest forum software for security reasons. Themes has been updated to support new forum software. Profile Banners...
  6. Archeia

    Forum Maintenance (02/01/2021)

    Hello everyone, There is going to be a forum maintenance today (hours is a bit iffy). We apologize for the inconvenience. Cheers!
  7. Archeia

    RMMV Animations to RMMZ

    Getting Started Before you transfer your MV animations over to MZ, please remember to do the following: Make sure to do your animation in an animation ID that it doesn't overlap with your RMMZ's animations if you want to use them. You must set up animation sound effects and flashes in RPG...
  8. Archeia

    RPG Maker MZ Plugin Creation Tutorial

    RPG Maker MZ Plugin Creation Tutorial The aim of this tutorial is to assist users in utilizing and developing scripts and plugins. These elements are essential for achieving advanced and efficient game development using RPG Maker MZ (abbreviated hereafter as "MZ"). It is intended for users...
  9. Archeia

    ReStaff MZ Release Celebration

    We don't allow the resources to be redistributed anywhere else. If you want to share it, please direct them here instead! Terms of use are added in the zip files themselves. Thank you for your patronage. Resource Staff is back to celebrate the release of RPG Maker MZ! Please enjoy the amazing...
  10. Archeia

    RPG Maker MZ Official English Sample Games by DEGICA

    Hello everyone, thank you for your amazing support as always for RPG Maker! Degica provides you with two sample games with custom graphics and the like, free to use on your games and expand on! You can edit these sample games as a base or something entirely new. It's FREE. We hope that it will...
  11. Archeia Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

    From our friends at Bundle Link
  12. Archeia

    Plugin Submission Rules + Template

    Introduction If you are a programmer and you wish to share your scripts with the world, please read the submission guidelines below. For script requests, direct posts to the appropriate forum based on what Maker you're using: RPG Maker MZ RPG Maker MV For help with script errors/related...
  13. Archeia

    Rejected Features

    Introduction The purpose of this thread is to avoid duplicate threads that request the same feature. These are features that the community have recommended and had been rejected due to design decisions by the lead developer. Event Functions More Self Switches More Page Conditions 3D Mapping...
  14. Archeia

    Feature Suggestion/Request Rules + Template

    Introduction The purpose of this board is to improve RPG Maker MZ and make it as comfy as possible to use! Rules Before Submitting You must check the other threads first before submitting. Follow the Request Template. Think about the importance of the feature and do you really need it as a...
  15. Archeia


    RPG Maker 2020 Tutorial Rules (Last Update: June 6, 2020) Threads posted in this board will enter a moderation queue and not appear until it is accepted by Archeia or a moderator. Threads will be accepted or denied based on how well they meet the rules and guidelines. Give at least 3 days...
  16. Archeia


    RPG MAKER MZ BOARD RULES (Last Update: June 6, 2020) Plugin-related issues: Please use the Plugin Support forum or the plugin's thread. Resource Requests. Please use the Resource Requests forum. However, Resource Standards/Specifics can be discussed in this board. Before Making a Thread...
  17. Archeia

    RPG Maker MZ Script Call Reference

    RPG Maker MZ Script Call Reference A collection of data and script calls for certain functions of RPG Maker MZ. Supplementary Material: Most of the script calls found in RPG Maker MV also works. If you want samples and notes to compare side by side. Please visit this topic...
  18. Archeia

    Announcement Community News - December 17, 2019

    Thank you for your patience! The newest forum update is here! What's New? Upgraded to the latest forum software. There are three forum skin choices! Go to the very bottom of the page and pick your poison. RMW-LightTheme - uses the old forum colors. Swift - ColorTheme1 works great if you have...
  19. Archeia

    Announcement Forum Maintenance (12/17/2019, 1PM PST)

    Hello everyone! On December 17, 2019, RMW will undergo maintenance at 1PM PST. We hope to finish around 2 - 4 hours at most. Thank you for your understanding and have fun RPG Making! :MV1:
  20. Archeia

    CoffeeScript Scene/Action Based UI: Right Click Save Menu

    What does it do? This allows you to open the save menu instead of settings menu when pressing right click for scene based UI projects. Download

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