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  1. Excelsior

    Now Loading...

    I followed the help sections guide on importing to windows, and it went smoothly for the most part, except for one thing. After using the Enigma Box thing, I made the boxed game and all was fine and dandy, except that the game would not load. I'm using that sound debugging fix, the one...
  2. Excelsior

    Music Lag?

    I've been making a game in MV, and I'm almost finished with it. Something I've noticed however is that the music I play has about a 3-4 second delay before it plays. This happens in-game, on the title screen (the title screen is the worst, waiting a whopping 8 seconds before anything...
  3. Excelsior

    SF_People1-6 Battler

    (I ask way too much then I probably should, huh?) A part of the RTP comes a bunch of Sci-Fi stuff. To me the tilesets are okay, but I do like a lot of the sprites. The problem is when you want to fight with one and there isn't a battler for the\m. That causes...issues. I've looked around...
  4. Excelsior

    MV Lamia

    In MV, there's a Lamia Battler. I like the Lamia Battler. I want to use the Lamia Battler. The issue, is that there are no Lamia Sprites to actually initiate a battle other then a random encounter (which I don't wanna do. Since it's gonna be a boss and all.). I'm wondering if there's...
  5. Excelsior

    Damaged Pets

    I'm evil.  At one point in my game, there's a cat that gets injured, and I don't have a sprite for a wounded cat. I was wondering if anyone could make one (or find one, I have a bad track record of looking around for stuff.). It just needs to look like the cat from the MV RTP, just damaged in...
  6. Excelsior


    I'm not too new with the RPG Maker software. I started on Ace and picked up the basics (with the help of a friend) within a few months. Of course, there were always things I didn't quite know about or how to use them. They weren't generally too important to me though, so I never bothered with...
  7. Excelsior

    Tall Doors

    For those who've used VX Ace, there were these doors that were two tiles tall. These were very helpful when you had large doorways into rooms because well, it looked natural! Sadly, in MV, those seem to have vanished. If my photoshop/editing skills weren't less than mediocre I'd make one...
  8. Excelsior

    Snow Cliffs

    Hiya! I have come to you all with a request! The normal RTP comes with a bunch of cliffs you can use so that your map can have different levels, it's neat. At the very end of the A section, there's a 3x5 grid with grass cliffs and a sandy cliff (Figure 1). The problem is that there's just a...
  9. Excelsior

    Sprite for a faceset

    I have this faceset for VX Ace that I've come to really like. The only problem is that I have no idea where the sprite for it is. All I have is the face. It was made by someone else so I'm sure there's one floating around out there. Not sure where it would be though.  Thanks! ~Excelsior
  10. Excelsior

    I have some sprites that I have questions about.

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but this seemed like the best place to ask this, so I shall! I tried making a few games, but barely ever got done with them. It's been a few years since I picked it back up, and when I did I realized I needed some sprites. I looked into...

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