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  2. CarsonTF

    How Do I Make Me And A NPC Fight?

    I got it to work. Here is how I set up the events, if anyone else finds they have my issue. I still cannot figure out the self switch to leave the NPC but not have it initiate a fight when you talk to them again. It skips straight to event page 2.
  3. CarsonTF

    How Do I Make Me And A NPC Fight?

    OK, I got it to work as long as the only command is Battle Control. It ceases to work when I add control selfswitch a = on to create a new event where the NPC is gone (it's defeated so it should disapear). I'll include screenshots to show what I have set.
  4. CarsonTF

    How Do I Make Me And A NPC Fight?

    I realized I should show the whole window in case the error is not in the event itself.
  5. CarsonTF

    How Do I Make Me And A NPC Fight?

    Hi everyone. I am having this exact same problem. I have set the event for battle processing and when the PC wins, I have it set to display a message. When the event(npc) is activated, instead of initiating combat it skips directly to the message that I set to display after the battle is won. I...
  6. CarsonTF

    Tutorial Series - Let's Make a Game Using RPG Maker MV

    Thanks for these, I'm a complete newbie and I'm finding these incredibly easy to follow. Just two questions: how do you use the in program tutorials and do you have a youtube channel where these are posted as well?

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