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  1. Erwill

    RMVXA Train

    The full version is available now! The development is finished, you can download the full version in the original post.
  2. Erwill

    RMVXA Train

    Another news about my game ! All wagons are finished, I'm finishing the last one where the end takes place, before doing the final scene and the credit. Here some screenshots (in french language) : Spoilers :
  3. Erwill

    RMVXA Train

    The news of August 2019. General : - The bug where the doodads don't appear is gone. - The killer takes more time to come in the map, a half of second. Wagon 6 : - A save point is added, you can save when you choose who will come with Serge. - The bug where the faceset always show Joel...
  4. Erwill

    RMVXA Train

    Thank you for your comments. (: Here's new decor for the next wagons.
  5. Erwill

    RMVXA Train

    Train is a short point-and-click horror game that takes place entirely in a train in France, in 1959. Caution The game contains violence, bloods, some swear words and jumpscares. History On Friday, October 23, 1959, Jerome and his friends, students of engineering school, returned home by...
  6. Erwill

    misplace map sprites after switch Scene?

    I just edited it with HxD editor.
  7. Erwill

    misplace map sprites after switch Scene?

    I have this bug as well, after searchs, the problem is when the doodads are created, they ignore the camera position where the doodads update function doesn't. I reported to the creator the bug, waiting for the next update of doodads editor I edited the dlls as I can where I add the doodads...

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