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  1. milaza

    Hi hi *is new*

    Um, hi!  I'm milaza, a 12 year old human, who is currently testing out RPG Maker VX Ace (Lite ver) (well I'm actually writing this introduction) . I just got RPG Maker for a RPG I'm making (called Shout: Silent Night (Don't ask I wasn't thinking when I named it)), and also so I could help my...

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When you don't find any time to work... :kaocry:
First Ten Minutes of my Caretaker inspired game

Finally, I got a good Gmail message [from smg5urded]
"This game does look a bit plain, but, I'm sure this does not destroy the experience as a whole. Monsters fit your style of game-play, mapping looks crude but I'm sure you can make it better if you do a remake of Forgotten Eclipse"
Going to start a new project today. OMG, it will be on RPGMaker MV. :D
Paid material WIP~

This is Alchemy pack.
I decided to add more witch elements.

Now we have wooden props, candles, pots, and potion bottles.
We also want to add herbs, kettles, fireplaces, etc.

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