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  1. Scaling down images

    Does this also work on sv battle sprites?
  2. Scaling down images

    Is there an app or plug in that scales down images without ruining it? I draw stuff, then I scan them, so I get high resolution images, and I want to make them sprites, are there ways to do this?
  3. Galv's character frame plug in

    IIIIIIIITTTT WOOOOORRRKKSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, oh yeah another question, what plug in do I use to have an Idle and run animations? That so much space in the sprite sheet, I wanna fill it with more animations. I'm so happy, the motions are all fluid now.
  4. Galv's character frame plug in

    Okay, I'll try this one out, if this works, then I'll follow this format.
  5. Galv's Character Frames

    Okay, i got it now, but why does it show the 2nd frame of the animation first? Am I missing plug ins?
  6. Galv's character frame plug in

    So that's what he meant by character sets, I've looked onto that thread you linked, I'll try it out now. I've tried it out, it works now, so I have another problem, what do I do to make it appear the first frame of the animation? It seems it shows the 2nd frame first, thanks a lot for this...
  7. Galv's character frame plug in

    It changed a bit, but it still doesn't look right, I renamed the file too, we're missing something here
  8. Galv's character frame plug in

    Here's the screenshot, it shows only half of the sprite
  9. Galv's Character Frames

    Hello there, I'm having a problem with this plug in, I also use your diagonal movement plug in it works, except for this one, It only shows my sprites half, I wonder what's wrong with it, can you explain what this character set is? someone linked me up to this thread, so yeah, I hope you could...
  10. Galv's character frame plug in

    Okay, I have my sprites by 48x48, so what's the approximate of that 1/8? My sprites only show half of what it should.
  11. Galv's character frame plug in

    Hey guys, so I have a problem with this plug in, I was wondering what's wrong with it, maybe from a syntax? Can you help me out? Here's my spritesheet, I also used his diagonal movement plug in, which is working.
  12. Sprites aren't working

    Ok Okay, i got it, thanks alot
  13. Sprites aren't working

    I want to post a new thread and i can't find the create button, so i thought i can only post 1 thread at a time
  14. Sprites aren't working

    Okay, how do I create a new thread?
  15. Sprites aren't working

    I've done it, I don't know how to delete a reply, so I just edited a reply as I was replying it doesn't work, sorry about that, and thanks for your help, I've been stuck with this problem for too long, oh yeah btw, can I change the "other" note tag to other1 or any number? Coz I want to add more...
  16. Sprites aren't working

    Still doesn't work, here's what's happening and my changed note tag; <Sideview Battler: Actor1_1> <Sideview Battler Frames: 13> <Sideview Battler Speed: 6> <Sideview Battler Size: 88, 105> <Sideview Battler Motion> Name: Walk Index 0 Loop Frames: 8 Speed: 4 </Sideview Battler Motion>...
  17. Sprites aren't working

    I've done it, thanks a lot for answering this post, its been bothering me for 3 weeks now
  18. Sprites aren't working

    I'm only using the trial version, is that also what's causing it?
  19. How do I use YED SideView Battler?

    So i've been trying to use the YED sideview battler plug in, and test out if it works, but i can't seem to show my sprites, they say this plug in ain't outdated yet so i was thinking I'm doing something wrong here, so here's my note tag and my sprite, please do help me out,if there's already a...
  20. Sprites aren't working (YED) The YED side view battler plug in I've updated the link, and the note tag that i used, still not working though, I've tried copying archeia's format in another post. <Sideview Battler...

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